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Many people ask, "What are the voices" and "How are voices able to see you if they are just voices?"

But they are not just voices. They are non-physical negative energetic entities. There is no space or time in their dimension. They can enter your mind and pull up every negative thing you've ever done and rub it in your face until they turn your emotional state negative. Once they accomplish this, you will notice that your energy level drops to almost zero. They are energetic parasites and must turn your emotional state negative before they can drain you of your energy. They are conscious and manipulative. They are not you. They are destructive parasitic invaders who want you to believe the negative, intrusive thoughts that they insert into your mind belong to you and not them. The common belief that all thoughts that appear in your mind belong to you assists them in this task. Neither psychiatry nor psychology have done any research as to where thoughts come from. The truth is many of them do not come from or belong to you. Why would you attack yourself as the voices do?

In our book, "AN AMAZING JOURNEY INTO THE PSYCHOTIC MIND - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower", we explain what the voices are in much more detail.

The voices can see you just as well as you see other people, or just as well as you see yourself in the mirror. They can see though your eyes. They run well defined patterns which excludes them from being mere hallucinations. Hallucinations are random and don't run patterns. They are consistently negative and destructive. Their intention for you is very different from your intention for yourself. They are constantly telling you awful things about yourself and others virtually all of which are lies.

When is the last time you looked at yourself in a mirror, other than to manicure your appearance? Look deeply into your eyes. What do you see? For some it is a fearful thing to look into their own eyes in a mirror. You've heard that the eyes are the pathway to the soul. Why would fear looking into your soul? What have you heard about that inside your head?

"Be nervous and afraid."

"Don't look; it will harm you."

"You might find out you are evil."

Did you put those thoughts into your head? Would you attack and degrade yourself constantly as the voices do? Probably not. These are the thought projections of the voices which in most cases sound exactly like your own self-talk voice.

In our articles and blogs, we list all sorts of awful things the voices say to people.


We have testimonials from people who have used our free information to heal themselves of the voices.

We have videos that go into great detail about the voices, how they are destroying people's lives, and what people can do about that.

We have a private group on Facebook called "Hearing Voices Group" where people can gather to talk about what their voices are saying to them. This group is a give and take place to be where you can get help by seeing that you are not alone with this plague.

We have a public group on Facebook called "Engineering Mental and Spiritual Sanity - The Presence of Other Worlds" where information about the voices is exchanged.

We share our information widely to help people understand what they are experiencing and how the medical/psychiatric fields are blind to the reality that the VOICES ARE REAL.

Once you understand that the voice are real, what they are and how they operate, only then you can do something to get rid of them once-and-for-all. BUT it takes work on your part. Just as no one else can go to the bathroom for you, no one else can eliminate the voices from you.

The psychiatric mafia has done no research into the voices. They consider them unreal hallucinations. You know that is not the truth. They've consistently drummed up all kinds of deceptions about what schizophrenia and the voices are only to sell you a whole host of toxic anti-psychotic drugs that with long term use cause massive neurological damage. poorly suppress psychiatric symptoms and cure absolutely nothing.

Please visit the links above. We can guide you as to what to do but nobody can fight this battle for you. This is on YOU. Your efforts. Your commitment to heal. We can inform but it is up to you to fight and follow through.

We urge you to do this if you want to free your mind.

BE well,

Jerry & Sherry

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