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JERRY A. MARZINSKY BA M.Ed, Certified MACE practitioner

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Jerry Marzinsky is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation.  (Click here to read the full resume).  He began his career at Central State Hospital, at the time the largest psychiatric hospital on the planet.  In 2023 he became a Certified MACE practitioner


It was there that he first noticed blatant contradictions between what had been taught about schizophrenia by the Ivory Tower and what he was witnessing and learning from schizophrenic his patients. 


After leaving the state hospital, Jerry went on to work in various front-line mental health settings including state prisons, county and private psychiatric hospitals, mental health centers, and hospital emergency rooms.  Over the course of his career, he questioned scores of schizophrenic patients extracting information about their voices which psychiatry deemed hallucinations unworthy of investigation. 


Years of probing resulted in the discovery that not only did these voices run consistently repeatable and predictably negative patterns very different from all other hallucinations, but that it was possible to hold coherent conversations with them apart from the patient. 


After years of probing, Jerry determined that not only were the voices not meaningless hallucinations as psychiatry insisted, but they were the very force that drove paranoid schizophrenia.  This resulted in a series of trial and error experiments in search of methods to disrupt them.  


As increasingly favorable methods were found, a conclusion became clear.  If the voices could be silenced by any means for a prolonged time, all symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia vanished and the patient returned to normal.  This began a search for the most effective methods of disrupting the voices that didn’t rely on psychiatry’s expensive and toxic pharmaceuticals which cured nothing and merely temporarily suppressed psychotic symptoms.  Over time, solutions were found which resulted in the complete cure for many cases; a phenomenon the establishment insists doesn’t exist. 


Jerry retired as a psychiatric evaluator in 2015 after working psych crisis in hospital emergency rooms for the last ten years of his career.  It was only after retiring that he felt free to speak about these findings and challenge the dismal failure of our expensive, pharmaceutically fueled merry go round of a mental health system.


Aside from his adventures on the front line of schizophrenia research, Jerry is a licensed commercial pilot and has been a certified SCUBA diver since 1972.  In his spare time, he flies high-performance gliders and enjoys cross-country motorcycle trips with friends.  He is an avid explorer of nature, non-physical phenomena, and spiritual development.  He enjoys travel, hiking, camping, welding, writing, shooting, gardening, and DIY projects.


Jerry has held the position of 2nd Lt. in the Arizona Civil Air Patrol flying search and rescue missions over Arizona for over 23 years.  He also served as an Assistant Scout Master and was awarded the State of Arizona Meritorious Service Award for prisoner program development.  His formal academic training comprises a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Georgia, and two years of study in a Ph.D. Psychology program.


Jerry is available for interviews and consults upon request.  To contact Jerry, please use the Contact page in the menu above.

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About Co-Author Sherry Swiney

Sherry researches how the mind works in a quantum world and how this ties in with spiritual development and physical well-being.  She studies ancient and biblical texts, archaeology, organic gardening, natural healing, and non-physical realms. 


As a young woman, Sherry was plagued by dark side entities.  She eliminated them without professional help or their toxic drugs.  She developed “THE THAT’S A LIE PROGRAM” to combat this menace.  The program is a mental tool that applies to all negative, self-defeating, self-limiting thoughts and feelings.  Sherry used this program to successfully defeat these intruding beings.


Ancient texts refer to these as the Archons, Jinn, or Demons.  Native Indian culture refers to them as Wetiko.  These entities can twist a person’s perception.  They have the ability to play with one’s mind using the person’s own mental voice.  They are master tricksters with evil intent.  They survive on human negative energy.  They have no power of their own so they must trick us into giving them our power.


For centuries human beings have been destructive toward themselves and others.  They were infected with the entities then, just as people are infected with them today.  That’s what all the destruction and fear is about on this planet.  It is created so that we will continue being their feeding ground.  Waking up to this, seeing this as true, dealing with the entities with no fear, laughter and even sending them love, causes them to starve.  They cannot stay around someone like this.  If our world population ever wakes up to this as fact, life on planet earth could change in a day.


Sherry co-authored “An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower,” with Jerry Marzinsky.  Her career background before she retired was civil engineering.  For over 40 years, she worked in the corporate world on multi-million dollar construction projects across the United States.

You can find her websites here:

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We live in a global culture with such a serrated view of what healing is that this needs to be discussed more openly and widely – like at the dinner table or over coffee.

If you’ve browsed any of my
websites, you know that I am all about frequencies – healing oneself of negative entities that play havoc with our emotions, ideas, creativity, and well – our very lives


As you may know, I worked with  Jerry Marzinsky to create our book, “An Amazing Journey Into The Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower”, which covers the brutal history of treating the mentally ill and so much more.  Our book is available here in English, Spanish, French and German.  


The lack of understanding the unseen spiritual side of life has tainted our medicine, laws, churches, schools, courts, governments, and especially science from which all other segments of life get their ideas of how life is – or how it’s supposed to be. 


To hear Yuval Noah  tell it, humans are hackable animals.  Where did he get that idea?  From science without regard to the unseen spiritual side of life.


Science is not consensus opinion.  Science is never settled.  Science is always evolving as mankind discovers hidden secret-after-hidden-secret about how this universe works.  Adding the unseen spiritual side of life into the discussion seems like a natural progression to me.


Some may argue that “spirit” is a fairy tale.  Okay then let’s focus on the science of this “fair tale”.


  1. We can take pictures of auras 

  2. We can measure frequencies coming from and surrounding our body 

  3. We can confirm telepathy, clairvoyance, and determining future events   

  4. We can confirm remote viewing 

  5. There is evidence that memory is held in the Field, not the brain 

  6. We can see intent healing a tumor 


These are scientific discoveries over the last few decades.  Papers are written but school text books are not updated.  Kids grow up learning outdated ideas.  They become adults working with antiquated information, which they believe wholeheartedly.  For the most part, they believe the science is settled.  This is dangerous to a free society.  What the public is told about science is a lie perpetrated by those who wish to control your mind.

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