A private consultation with Jerry Marzinsky will help you get rid of your voices or lessen them substantially.  Your participation includes your willingness to do the Work of working on yourself and your story.


It is important for you to notice your story.  All that you perceive as your story came from others.  The most stubborn ones you’re given to us between the ages of 0-7.  Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how, at that age, you are in a hypnagogic state, meaning hypnosis or sleep.  This is how you learn about your world, how to communicate, what the rules are, and so forth.  Because your minds are in that theta state, you absorb everything you see and hear as true and real.  This is how life is, and this is your first story.  Your root story, and the hardest one to release. 


Working with Jerry may take several sessions and he may give you some mental exercises to practice prior to a subsequent session. 


Jerry’s consultation is best suited for individuals who:


  1. Have already watched Jerry’s videos

  2. Have already familiarized themselves with Jerry’s articles.

  3. Have or are ready to read Jerry’s book “Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.

  4. Have already worked with the “That’s A Lie Program” and you are still having problems getting rid of the voices.

  5. You are ready to get rid of your voices once and for all and get on with living a regular life (the term “normal” is not used here because “normal” implies psychiatry’s definition of what is normal, which is a misnomer).


Though some of the remedies Jerry will suggest apply to most people, your session will be unique to you, your experience, and your situation.  Jerry doesn’t do boiler-plate sessions.  Your session with Jerry will be about YOU.  Jerry will help you see things you have not been able to see by working on this alone.  He understands the voices better than most patients do.


If you are interested in applying for a consultation session with Jerry, please click the link below.  Jerry’s fee for this service is $75/hour via skype or zoom.


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