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A private consultation with Jerry Marzinsky will help you get rid of your voices or lessen them substantially.  Your participation includes your willingness to do the Work of working on yourself and your story.


Working with Jerry may take more than one session and he may give you some mental exercises to practice prior to a subsequent session. 

Jerry’s consultation is best suited for individuals who have exposed themselves to some or all of the following:

  1. Jerry’s videos

  2. Jerry’s articles

  3. Jerry’s book “Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind – Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.

  4. The “That’s A Lie Program


Though some of the remedies Jerry will suggest apply to most people, your session will be unique to you, your experience, and your situation.  Jerry doesn’t do boiler-plate sessions.  Your session with Jerry will be about YOU.  Jerry will help you see things you have not been able to see by working on this alone.  He understands the voices better than most patients do.


If you are interested in applying for a consultation session with Jerry, please complete the form below.  Jerry’s service is one hour via skype or zoom.

This consultation is for educational and informational purposes and should not be construed as medical or psychiatric advice.  Although Jerry Marzinsky has been a licensed psychotherapist for decades, this service departs from and is very different from conventional psychotherapy.  This consultation is for coaching and guidance purposes only to be used as you see fit.  The information provided has proven effective and often successful in helping many people weaken or rid themselves of schizophrenic voices and other mental disorders.  The outcome of this procedure depends upon many factors including your dedication and motivation to consistently utilize the exercises and information provided.  You will be expected to assume responsibility for consistently doing the assigned exercises and the work necessary to recover your mental health and wellbeing.  No warranty is expressed nor implied.  You assume all risks and responsibilities for using this information consistently and correctly.  Further assistance will be available through continued consultations.


Terms of Payment and Financial Responsibility


You understand and accept the payment terms as discussed with Jerry Marzinsky and payment of $85.00 an hour is required in advance of the consultation.  You certify that payment for these services will not place an undue financial burden upon you and all payments are non-refundable.  Advance payments are non-refundable.



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Jerry A. Marzinsky, B.A.  M.Ed.

Holistic and Natural Healing

Tucson, AZ


To register to our services please fill out the following application


Thank you.

By signing below, I agree with all the terms of service as above.

Thanks for submitting an application for consulting services. Please watch for an email from Jerry Marzinsky to set up a time, date, payment.

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