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VIDEOS WITH JERRY MARZIKSJY & SHERRY SWINEY - Authors of the book "An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower"

04-06-24 Live with Jerry Marzinsky | Nachiketa (India)
Jerry Marzinsky is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation. He began his career at Central State Hospital, at the time the largest psychiatric hospital on the planet. It was there that he first noticed blatant contradictions between what had been taught about schizophrenia by the Ivory Tower and what he was witnessing and learning from schizophrenic his patients. Years of probing resulted in the discovery that not only did these voices run consistently repeatable and predictably negative patterns very different from all other hallucinations, but that it was possible to hold coherent conversations with them apart from the patient. After years of probing, Jerry determined that not only were the voices not meaningless hallucinations as psychiatry insisted, but they were the very force that drove paranoid schizophrenia. This resulted in a series of trial and error experiments in search of methods to disrupt them.
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4-01-23 Negatiative Intrusive Thoughts with Jerry Marzinsky and Michael Gallagher
Where do negative intrusive thoughts come from? Where do all thoughts come from. Thought is at the root of all psychiatric disorder yet this is a topic that psychiatry and psychology avoid like a scalded dogs. Nor will there ever be a cure for paranoid schizophrenia an other psychological disorders until the mental health establishment wakes up to the realization that they have been barking up the wrong tree for close to a century. They all believe that the voice you hear constantly babbling in your head is who you are. If this is true, then who is it that is listening to this babble?

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March 29, 2024 Jerry Marzinsky & Janet Swain, a physicians assistant: Changes In Mental Health | Nightflight with Judith Kwoba

Changes that need to happen: Metabolic disorder; Thiamine / B1; Starving the monster; PTSD; Trauma & mental; health Nutrition & mental health; and You are the solution.


3-27-24 Tuesday Talks with Jerry and Anthony Mowery Negative Spirit Releaser

This is an interview with Tony Mowery and his crew of negative spirit releasers. Tony is a trained spirit releaser. This process is very different from an exorcism where the negative entity is forced out. Tony sees himself much more as a negotiator helping the negative spirit voluntarily leave its victim and move to its rightful place in the spiritual world. Tony's email is:

3-11-24 (originally posted 7-27-22) Sherrie and Jerry about the Mace Energy Method of Healing

The Mace Energy Method is a new, revolutionary non-talk energetic psychotherapy that actually works to CURE most psychological problems quickly and permanently. It is like nothing else that has ever come prior. In many cases it can take the place of anti-depressants and works quickly to discreate the emotional charge around psychological trauma, the root of most psychological problems. It's much cheaper than long most psychiatric drugs and provides permanent results. For more information to to This is the psychotherapy of the future. 

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3-6-24 Psychiatric Insanity | Mind Health Webinar | Jerry Marzinsky interviewed by World Council for Health

Big pharma, the psychiatric mafia, and why patients don’t get well.

According to psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky, not all our thoughts are our own, and the ‘psychiatric mafia’ have been underhandedly brainwashing us for decades.

In a world of social engineering, Jerry says it’s important to know who is sponsoring your thoughts. (Remember the movie ‘Inception’ where a team of people are hired to implant thoughts into people’s minds?).

In this enlightening and sometimes shocking conversation, Jerry will share what he refers to as the ‘demonology of psychology’ and the true history of mental illness.

You will learn the truth about medication and the so-called ‘voices in your head’, including the 23 voice patterns. And a lot more besides.

Come to this session prepared to have your understanding of modern psychology turned on its head. 


Original video:

3-5-24 Jerry Marzinsky and the true nature of Mental Illness | Drew Wendel of Christ Light And Love Center
Drew a licensed mental health practitioner speaks with Jerry Marzinsky about the true nature of the schizophrenic voices and the fact that they ARE NOT hallucinations and the reason why.
Drew Wendel youtube channel:
3-4-24 Are Paranoid Schizophrenics Talking To Demons? with Jerry Marzinsky | The Marc Claire Show 
In episode 70, Marc is joined by psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky to discuss his decades of experience dealing with paranoid schizophrenics in mental institutions and prisons, which led him to the conclusion that the voices are more than just hallucinations.
2-28-24 originally aired August 1, 2022:  ASC-ing Sherrie and Jerry about the Mace Energy Method of Healing | ASC Wellbeing Clinic

Sherrie Hatfield and Jerry Marzinsk
y discuss how to heal trauma, schizophrenia and historical upset with this 'non-talking' therapy.  Perhaps this will help viewers understand the MACE method better.
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2-19-24 Clip from Jerry Marzinsky interview on Vehement Flame Ministries
An interview with a preacher about demons, how they drive schizophrenia, how these dangerous entities are marginalized by Christians and how the negatively effect us all.

Full interview here

This clip here
Jerry's youtube link here
2-16-24 WITHDRAWING WHISPERS FROM THE JINN - Jerry Marzinsky | EndGame Islam 
Timestamped Chapters: 0:00 Satan's whipping boy 0:40 8 minute preview 8:00 3 hour conversation starts 23:13 Industrialisation 30:15 The Jealousy of Adam 55:03 We are their food source 1:11:16 Helping people with MACE 1:32:18 Parasite killing host 1:54:18 Man and Wife under attack 2:05:00 Jerry's work changes lives 2:23:54 Acid Rock and Rap Music 2:30:11 Same Christian & Muslim God 2:53:38 Demon & Dementia forgetfulness 3:01:56 The antidote to their F.E.A.R. 3:04:38 Consuming Fire vs Creating Garden

Original video:
2-7-34 Ghosts, Archons and Vampires - Jerry Marzinksy - Mind Monsters 11 with Lynn Monet and host, Lorenzo of The New Now.  Do you also see the monsters, ghosts, dead friends and relatives, aliens and parasitical vampires that seem to bother us all in one way or another, at one time or another? Please join Lynn Monet, Jerry and Myself as we take a deeper dive into ‘the other worlds’.

Lynn Monet, is a registered nurse has been able to see spirits since childhood. Most of her life she has had to keep this ability to herself after realizing others could not do the same. Now that she is on the verge of retirement she has decided to come out and speak of her experiences in this realm. What is significant is that while doing an internship on a psychiatric ward she was able to see the spirits possessing schizophrenics and report on the effect this had on a patient upon her releasing one such attached spirit which resulted in the voices or auditory hallucinations as psychiatry calls them vanishing. The patient made a full recovery.

Original video:

2-5-24 Jerry Marzinsky Mental Disorders And Entity Possession 1 | The John Cooper Show
Mental Disorders are Entity Possession
Brace yourself for a groundbreaking revelation, as I chat with Jerry Marzinsky, a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 40 years experience, who challenges conventional beliefs by asserting that all major mental health disorders are rooted in the influence of external demonic entities invading the body and mind. Drawing from his extensive experience and research, he unveils repeated patterns observed in patients, which cannot be boiled down to a chemical imbalance or random hallucinations, proving that there is a specific transdimensional influence.

One of the major misconceptions standing in the way or a cure for schizophrenia is the dogmatic belief that schizophrenia has a physical cause. After studying the voices schizophrenics hear for more than four decades it became very clear that not only do these voices run consistent repeatable patterns among all schizophrenics which precludes them from being hallucinations but that is is the voices which drive schizophrenia. If the voices can be gotten rid of by any means all symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia disappear with them.

Original video:

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1-14-24 Owen Benjamin | #1857 Documenting Demons With Jerry Marzinsky

A great conversation about how the voices work in humans, compared to hallucinations.  Self-sabotage is a strong trait.  Many schizophrenics do this but so do a lot of common people.

Jerry speaks from experience after asking his patients what the voices are saying.  He was perplexed that no one else was at least curious about what they were saying.

That alone set Jerry on an important journey, the story of which is slowly beginning to get noticed more widely.

If you like Jerry's work, please support him by sharing his work.

P.S. We are asking for prayers for Jerry's son, Casey (explanation is at the end of the video with Owen Benjamin)


1-6-24 Sane In An Insane Asylum | Jerry Marzinsky & Patrick Durk | Raised by Giants with Ryder Lee
Discussion includes big pharma, the psychiatric mafia, and how it got started.  The problem is patients never get well with their drugs.  Yet this is a spiritual ailment, not a physical one which is why they don't get any better.  In fact, they get worse physically.   Jerry explains that researchers or investigators are not allowed to enter.  Patrick Durk talks about how things are inside these institutions.  He tells of his hair raising experience of being committed to one of Texas's major psychiatric institutions while totally sane. This story rivals the book "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest."

Our book:  Journey into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower

Patrick's book: Fire and Ice: The Meth Bible

Original video:

JM Donny spellbreakers.jpg

12-30-23 LIVE W/ JERRY MARZINSKY - His work. The Nature of Possession and Our Way Out | The Spellbreakers Podcast

We sit down with the legendary Jerry Marzinsky to discuss his work, the nature of demonic possession, and what we can do about it


The Voices Schizophrenics hear Are Not Hallucinations - The voices schizophrenic's hear are not hallucinations. Modern Christians take the existence of Satan and his minions much too lightly like they are some ancient fairy tale. This is a very grave mistake. They do exist and are very sly and deceptive. They hate the human race and are among us constantly attacking. You don't need any more proof than the state of the planet right now. They can't make themselves any more evident than through the voices schizophrenic's hear that psychiatry and big pharma insist you believe to be hallucinations. These so called hallucinations run very clear patterns and if they run patterns they cannot be hallucinations. One of the greatest deceptions Satan has perpetrated upon the human race is that he does not exist.

Original video:



12-24-23 Dark Entity Solutions: Get the Demons Out! With Jerry Marzinsky, Sherry Swiney, and Dr. Brent Davis from FlorAlive, hosted by Lorenzo with The New Now.

Do you also hear those voices of dark and negative intent?! I know I do and have, in one way or another my entire life. Pretty much from first breath until today we are invaded by what some call 'The Archons', others say Weitiko or The Flyers, Volodores...whatever the name, these shadows influence from fully psychotic to lack of self-worth and every shade of shadow in-between.


I hope you enjoy this longer detailed chat on the problems, with many suggested solutions for getting those Demons OUT!

Original video: 
See information listed in the show notes for more details.

12-17-23 LIVE with Jerry Marzinsky: The Mace Energy Method | Chantelle Meyburgh host of Aquarius Rising Africa Ⅱ | The psychiatric mafia has brainwashed the masses!  Jerry speaks about the cure.


12-15-23 EP 192- Jerry Marzinsky | The Psychiatric Mafia and the Entities of Schizophrenia (FREE FIRST HOUR) | The Melt Podcast

Hunter and I have a heavy and informative chat with retired licensed psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky about his work with psychotic and criminally insane prisoners, the objective negative entities that plague schizophrenics, the materialism of the psychiatric community, and much more.

Original video:


JM Ickonic case file 033 demoology of psychology.jpg

11-22-12 Iconic Richard Willett with Jerry Marzinsky - Case File #-33 The Demonology of Psychology.  Interview Trailer.  

The full interview is behind a pay wall.

You can watch the show here: Out 7PM BST this Wednesday

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11-20-23 "Energetic Hygiene" WITH Jerry Marzinsky | BioCharisma Podcast S2 Episode 13

In a world of extroverted social engineering it’s important to know where and who is sponsoring our thoughts. That last sentence is not a typo. Not all of our thoughts are generated by ourselves. Think of the movie ‘Inception’  where there is a team of people hired to implant a thought, that is shrouded in a cloak of inauthenticity.

 Jerry Marzinski was the first psychotherapist I ever heard to admit that we might be subject to corporeal influences, especially when drugged. This has massive implications pertaining to our energetic hygiene and how we should cultivate discernment. Jerry and I explore the Good and Bad Angels that perch themselves upon our shoulders whispering their agendas.

Original video:

11-11-23 Physical Manifestation of the Voices | Jerry Marzinsky & Lynn Monet - Ryder Lee Raised By Giants
LIVE Illuminated Insights Discussion - Physical Manifestation of the Voices with Author and Psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky & with Author and Nurse Lynn Monet

Original video:

10-29-23  PRISONS Mental Health Behind Bars | With Jerry Marzinsky and Carmen Smith Studer

The voices schizophrenics hear are invisible parasites versus hallucinations.  Very nasty, vulgar and those are the patterns they observe all the time.  Jerry talks about the stories of prisoners he worked with in order to identify the voices.  He worked for 18 years in the prisons which is where he learned most of what the voices were saying to his patients.  

Mental Health within the prison system: Stories of working in the psychology department of a large state prison. Prison systems insist that mental health standards there are similar to those in the community but this is far from the truth. When proposition 13 swung through the country, the California tax rebellion, state mental hospitals were closed due to their expense. The mentally ill were dumped onto the streets. Unable to function, crime was one of their few means of surviving. A great number of them ended up in prison where they were subjected to constant fear, threats and brutality at many times the cost of keeping them in a state hospital. When they finished their sentences many are released upon society in worse shape than they when went in. The recidivism rate for prison systems is enormous. Few are being helped or rehabilitated. It's an endless merry-go-round of drugging and releasing, rinse and repeat.

Original video:

10-13-23  LIVE: With Jerry Marzinsky - Demonic Possession & Mental Illness

Originally streamed on September 6, 2023 - Tonight we have the honour of chatting to expert psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky! The voices schizophrenics hear are NOT hallucinations. They run predictable, repeatable patterns. Hallucinations do not do that, they are random and unpredictable. Paranoid schizophrenia is not due to any chemical imbalance fabricated by big pharma to line their pockets nor by any genetic disorder. Paranoid schizophrenia is driven by the voices and if they can be gotten rid of by any means all symptoms of schizophrenia vanishes with them.  

View on Odysee

Original video

An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind - Jerry Narzinsky @ Sherry Swiney - BOOK TRAILER


Engineering Mental Sanity - Jerry Marzinsky

September 26, 2023

An Amazing Journey into the Psychotic Mind outlines the work of two researchers into the voices schizophrenics hear which the establishment falsely labels "hallucinations." After decades of research it was found that these voices run repeatable, predictable patterns which negates the establishment's unfounded declaration that they are hallucinations and their decree that the only treatment are their toxic anti-psychotic drugs. It was found that it is the voices that drive paranoid schizophrenia and that if they can be gotten rid of by any means all symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia vanish with them.


9-15-23 Jerry Marzinsky: Deflect, Inveigle, Obfuscate HR1 with Judith Kwoba of Nightflight - Current situation on mental health, how the Rockefeller Flexner Report in 1910 changed the medical system from homeopathic and natural healing to chemical-based care.  

Original video

9-7-23  The Voices in My Head Don't Like Me. Part Three - Psychologist Jerry Marzinsky joins Jay Weidner,  REALITY CHECKto discuss the idea that mental illness is actually demonic possession.

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8-4-23 (recorded July 30, 2023) Tony Sayers & Jerry Marzinsky Entity Possession & Schizophrenia 2 - So had a fascinating revisit with Jerry Marzinsky on the subject of mental health and schizophrenia and really getting to the bottom of what these things really are. People are being easily diagnosed and then handed a suitcase full of pills. But what is this actually achieving. Jerry has a wealth of experience in this field having worked in a schizophrenic ward for many years and has seen first hand how people behave and how they are influenced by what the experts will say are 'delusions'.

The western psychiatrist dominated mental health system is a drug fueled merry-go-round where people are being drugged senseless with some of the most dangerous drugs used in medicine today and nobody is being cured. The state hospitals have been closed down and mental health centers underfunded and understaffed. Our street corners are full of the mentally ill and violence is increasing. The current system is totally dysfunctional and should be replaced by the MACE energy system which completely cures many psychological maladies.

Original video:

JM Chris Powis in the U.K..jpg
7-28-23 Schizophrenia isn't caused by a chemical imbalance but is driven by the voices schizophrenics hear.  A conversation with Chris Powis in the U.K. Schizophrenia is not caused by any biochemical imbalance in the brain or any genetic disorder. It is driven by negative energetic entities that feed on very low frequency energy and is a spiritual malady and not a physical one. We are spiritual, energetic beings, a fact ignored by both psychology and psychiatry. It is spirit that animates our bodies. If your soul or spirit leaves your body is dead. There are energetic forces in the universe that effect our spirit and the negative entities that drive paranoid schizophrenia are one of those. Because both psychology and psychiatry turn a blind eye to our nature as spiritual beings they are also blind to the true nature of schizophrenia. They have no idea as to the cause and certainly don't have a cure. Psychiatry merely drugs the body with some of the most toxic drugs in use in medicine today. These drugs do not cure anything but merely dumb down symptoms. The mental health system big pharma and psychiatry is a drug fueled merry-go-round that does not get at the root cause of mental illness and will not get to the root of mental illness until it dawns on them that humans are spiritual energetic beings affected by other energies or beings that exist in the universe along with us.

Original video: (see below post Entities!)


07-24-23 Entities!  Jerry Marzinsky with Eric Von Essex

Tonight our guest is Jerry Marzinsky B.A. M.Ed. Jerry worked for the American Prison Service where he discovered Demonic Possession is very real! Tonight he explains far reaching consequences on an individual and international level! A show not to be missed!


Original video:


07-18-23 Hearing Voices - How To Tell Them Apart - with Anthony Mowery EMT-PSoul Center Healing Hypnosis Practitioner (SCHH®), Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner (BQH®), Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT), Ropes and Wings Owner/Operator

For all of us, Traumatic and Emotional Events cause us to be in a low vibrational state creating chinks in our etheric armor (God's Armor). Which then allow attachments and the inability to release that emotional traumatic energy keeping the energetic body out of balance. Eventually causing Pain and aliments to Manifest, physically on this earth suit. We talk about ways we use Soul Center Healing Hypnosis to assist in the release Emotional, Traumatic Blockages and Attachments that have been holding us down unknowingly, so that we may discover that inner balance we all have the ability to obtain within each of us, and live our best life! Full of abundance! You don't need to carry this baggage anymore! I would have never in a million years realized the amount of unseen things that have attached to me in my 30 years of going into the darkest of areas to rescue people from their darkest day! If you have the feeling as if things are holding you back, keeping you down, or keeping you from being healthy and living the best optimized life that you could be living, Please research Soul Center Healing Hypnosis. A SCHH practitioner can assist you in removing non-beneficial attachments, traumas, emotional baggage, depression, addictions, lost from light dark entities, AI, and lost souls. The difference is undeniable! Bring back your true glow!

JM with Paula Kavanagh part 1 of 3.jpg



This interview was sparked by something Paula read on Jerry's website: "The biggest lie ever told is that the 'Devil' doesn't exist.  The next biggest lie is that people are powerless therefore helpless." 


This interview is broken into 3 parts (see below).


Jerry reviews how he got started and led toward working with abnormal psychology.  He wanted to find out what was going on but quickly saw that they did not have the answers.  In his own renegade way, Jerry sought information on his own because he knew he was not going to get the truth from the educational institutions.  He even describes how the DSM lies.  The DSM is taught in the institutions as if it's the bible. 

7-9-23 Jerry Marzinsky Part 1 of 3 by Paula Kavanagh
Original video:


7-11-23 Jerry Marzinsky Part 2 of 3 by Paula Kavanagh
Original video:

7-16-23 Jerry Marzinsky Part 3 of 3 by Paula Kavanagh
Original video:

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7-13-23  The Modern Mental Health Crisis on The Hidden Gateway Podcast with host Jesston Williams.

In this episode, we welcome Jerry Marzinsky. This conversation is a deep exploration of mental health, psychology, and psychiatry with the renowned retired psychotherapist, Jerry Marzinsky. With over four decades of experience, Jerry takes us on a journey into the minds of psychotic and criminally insane patients. We discussed his time working at one of the world's largest psychiatric hospitals, the questionable role of big pharma in psychiatry, and the controversial chemical imbalance theory.

Jerry sheds light on schizophrenia, revealing his groundbreaking findings from working closely with inmates in prison. He unravels the patterns of paranoid schizophrenia and the manipulation tactics that the 'voices' use to control their victims. This conversation also examines the alarming effects of meth, often referred to as the 'devil's drug,' and its role in exacerbating psychotic symptoms.

Rounding off our discussion, we critically analyze the Western mental health system, highlighting its significant flaws and the impact of big pharma on mental health treatments. We also explore the work of John Mace, a self-taught psychiatrist who believes that memories are energy and that trauma leaves a lasting impact. Join us as we question the status quo and seek to understand the human mind's intricate complexities!

Don’t miss the BANGER!!!


Interview also found at:




7-11-23  What Do Energetic Parasites Have To Do With Mental Health with Jehan T.W Sattaur of  Boundless Authenticity Podcast

The voices schizophrenics hear are not hallucinations. The establishment has done no research into the matter and have merely arrogantly pronounced these voices to be hallucinations. Looking deeper into the matter, these voices run well defined observable patterns and any phenomenon that run patterns is not random and is under the control of some force that keeps it from randomness.

Original video youtube:

Original video spotify:




JM Lynn Monet Wake the Dead.jpg
05-21-23 WTD ep.84 Wake the Dead | Jerry Marzinsky & Lynn Monet 'clairvoyant witness'
Lynn is a paranormal consultant and lecturer specializing in hauntings and afterlife. She is an empath with the ability to see frequencies inter-dimensionally most cannot. She has been a nurse for over 20 years, most of which has been in end of life care, management and geriatrics. She also has a degree in Biological science. Lynn is an author of 5 books and hosts a podcast titled ‘Synchronicity the Next Level Paranormal’. Lynn & Jerry take us on a much deeper exploration of what is truly afflicting schizophrenics. In previous Wake the Dead episodes Jerry shared with us what he experienced that led him to believe the voices in the heads of schizophrenics are invading entities who feed on their victim’s energy. Tonight, Lynn tells us what they look like, how they operate and much more. This is an infinitely interesting episode. 
05-06-23 Parasitic Entities and their Unseen World: JC Kay interviews Jerry Marzinsky & Laura Whitworth - both are psycho therapists.

Short preview video here:

Original video:

4-24-23  'Mother of a Monster' - Mind Monsters 8 | Jerry Marzinsky, Jinean with Lorenzo of The New Now Mind Monsters 8 with Jerry Marzinsky and Jinean. A mother's tale of possession, murder, love gone bad and the lost lives of those effected and directed, perhaps willingly, from those voices of fear we can all hear. Resources from Jinean: Mom's and Family members who have schizophrenia.

 Original video:



The Tash and Bex Flex Today Tash and I have the pleasure of chatting to psychologist, Jerry Marzinsky, about his work in the field of schizophrenia. Jerry has many years of experience with numerous incarcerated schizophrenics and began to question the model of both research and treatment early on in his career. As a consequence, Jerry has carried out and collated his own research, concluding that the voices schizophrenics are tortured by, are not auditory hallucinations, but conscious parasitic entities. In treating his own clients under this premise, he has been able to help and heal his patients by teaching them how to lift themselves out of, and protect themselves from, low vibrational parasitic attack. We have had untold trouble getting this interview filmed, no sound, the video dropping out, our phones refusing to work, the list goes on… but it’s SO important to get the truth out about these largely unseen entities.

Youtube channel:

Original video:

4-8-23 Other Worlds - Jerry Marzinsky, Lynn Monet and Mark Windows of Windows on the World.

A look into psychic phenomena and intrusion.

Original video:

Miguel Conner JM archon mind 4-20-23 pt 2.jpg

4-10-23 Miguel Conner and Jerry Marzinsky Archonic Mind Parasites pt 2

After too long of a pause, Jerry Marzinsky returned for the sequel of his absorbing interview. He recapped and expanded on his research with prison inmates that revealed that the “voices” of schizophrenics are not hallucinations caused by chemical imbalances but malignant entities feeding off mental negativity and pain. How can we expel these psychic parasites that have invaded not only criminals but a good portion of humanity? Find out and encounter startling data from his book, An Amazing Journey Into the Psychotic Mind, and make sure you’re sitting down for this one.

This is a partial show for nonmembers. For the second half of the interview, please become a member or patron at Patreon.

Listen to our first interview

Original podcast

sheep farm sherry swiney 4-9-23.jpg

4-8-23 In Ep117 we’re chatting with Sherry Swiney co-author [with Jerry Marzinsky] of An Amazing Journey Into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower.  Sherry has her own interesting parasitical accounts, but these come from personal rather than clinical experiences since she was three years old.


An Amazing Journey Into the Psychotic Mind - Breaking the Spell of the Ivory Tower is available from - or Amazon



Preview Video

4-8-23 Sherry Swiney (That's a Lie Program) The Best of All Moments with Lorenzo.  Today we discuss finding the best of each moment from a life well of experiences  lived.  Everything that happens in life is an experience, good or bad.  Nonetheless, we can learn from every experience.

More of what we do:

04-01-23   Jerry Marzinsky: Unseen voices, shadow people, and the tormented mind (Quantum Truths JC Kay).  Recorded 25th March, 2023: Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.— Jerry is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation. He is the co-author of An Amazing Journey Into The Psychotic Mind - Breaking The Spell Of the Ivory Tower.
Note: if Youtube is not available, please go to Bitchute

03-25-23 Recorded March 11th - Jerry Marzinsky interviewed by Paul Ponssot (France).  Translated as they go.  They talk about how Jerry discovered that schizophrenia is not a mental illness but rather, an invasion by invisible entities.  First, he welcomes speaking to the French people.  The book has been translated to French.  

03-17-23 Sheep Farm Raw with Jerry Marzinsky & Mark Bajerski. Jerry Marzinsky and Mark Bajerski talk about the true cause of paranoid schizophrenia. The auditory hallucinations as the psychiatric mafia calls them are not hallucinations at all but negative energetic parasitic entities that run repeatable predictable patterns. If they run patterns they can't be hallucinations. Mark and Jerry provide amazing insight into these entities which affect us all.
Original video:

02-26-23 Banishing Demonic Entities - with Jerry Marzinsky, Mark Windows & Patrick.
Schizophrenia is not caused by any genetic abnormality or the fabricated chemical imbalance lie - it is caused and driven by the voices these individuals hear and which psychiatry and the establishment completely ignores as unreal hallucinations. Problem is hallucinations don't run fixed repeatable patterns.

01-21-23  Metaphysical Mining - Mysticism and Schizophrenia with Jerry Marzinsky and Anonand and Michelle DeVrieze.

We take you on a mystical journey through the eyes of a schizophrenic.  Anon is a mechanical engineer who suffered with schizophrenia in the 1990's and came out the other side, balanced.  He spent time in a psychiatric facility and he talks about his journey there as well as his journey back to the normal world (if there is such a thing).  Anon includes fascinating slides to explain the vision (or visual hallucination) he saw which changed his life.

Michelle's website:
Anon's website:
Original video:


01-20-23 The Voices Schizophrenics Hear are NOT Hallucinations - Jerry Marzinsky, Sherry Swiney, Rebecca Taylor Shaw and Jay Campbell discuss how inter-dimensional beings take over the human energy field.  These voices are NOT hallucinations.  They run specific patterns which hallucinations do not.

Jay Campbell's youtube channel:

Rebecca Taylor Shaw website:


The Kingston Report:

JM dark outpost 1-14-23.jpg

01-14-23 The Most Clinically-Effective Weight Loss Product Currently Available.


Go To Today!

Monica B. discussed her Satanically controlled super soldier husband. Psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky says there is no such thing as schizophrenia. It’s actually demons controlling the mind. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

Original video:

12-14-22  Dangers of DMT and Plant Medicine - Jerry Marzinsky and

Mark Windows with special guest Frank - Jerry and Mark  talk to Frank about his experience of DMT and Ayuhasca which resulted in a negative entity attaching itself to him. The dangers of administering these strong psychedelics without expert advice are outlined in this show.

Original video:


JM dark outpost 12-10-22.jpg

12-10-22 Dark Outpost WEEKEND Demonic Possession, Schizophrenia and Hearing Voices with Jerry Marzinsky and hosts Davd Zyblick and Penny L.A. Shephard

Psychotherapist Jerry Marzinsky said that schizophrenics are not having hallucinations when they hear voices. They are being attacked by real living invisible entities, conscious of what they are doing. Leave the world you think you know behind, and join us at the Dark Outpost!


Note: Jerry's interview starts at 2:16:27.

To watch the entire show, go to:

12-23-22  Psychonauts Gone Wild - Mind Monsters 6 with Jerry Marzinky and host, Lorenzo with special guest, Frank, a well-experienced receiver of plant medicine, who gained a dark-side entity after having over 50 positive journeys.  In this video, you will hear about some facilities that do not understand the vital importance of the surroundings and proper shamanic care during a journey, thus doing nothing positive for the patient, often harming them.  


If you already have dark-side energy in you, it is essential to find your core, your center, your very grounded reasons for the journey before attempting what could be a perilous jump of consciousness.  If you decide to use this healing path, the responsibility is yours to take.


Original video:

Cheers Lorenzo and Jerry and Frank. More of what we do:



12-10-22  Metaphysical Mining Jerry Marzinsky and Michelle DeVrieze - Shadow People

Since ancient times people have been seeing the shadow people. The native americans called them the watchers. They are often seen as a dark shadow on the periphery of one's vision. When you attempt to focus on them they disappear. They often appear at night as three dimensional humanoid shadows darker than the rest of the room. For the most part they have no facial features although many people have reported seeing them with either red or lime green eyes. They can walk through walls and disappear when the light is turned on. They are most clearly seen by meth abusers and those diagnosed as schizophrenic. Although there are no reports of them physically harming anyone they are very effective in frightening people half to death. Michele Devrise and Jerry Marzinsky take a deep dive into what they are.


Original video:



12-9-22 The Power of 'It's All Your Fault' - A review of The New Now "Freedom's Calling You" program with Sherry Swiney


In her own words 'For those who do this course and do the work, it will work'  - Find Your Missing Purpose beyond the self-imposed Lies.


I hope you enjoy this chat, as much as I did. Much more than a simple review Sherry takes us through some of her own experiences in life sharing wisdom that could benefit all of us. 'Take off your mask, look at yourself, then go Forward' - S.S


A big smile of gratitude to Sherry and her honest appraisal of life, challenges, our efforts and more besides. We will be doing a 'deep dive' with Sherry on the Mind Parasites in the New Year.


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12-3-22  Psychotherapist Believes In Spirits with Alpha Talkz

Great interview with a sincere, intuitive, and open minded psychotherapist. This explains so much! We're in a Spiritual War.

This information could actually change the world if only people with spiritual blindness could be made to see and realize this. I'm growing so tired of hearing people say that we need more awareness of mental illness. Being aware is not going to change anything. It comes down to this....if you don't understand the true nature of reality is a spiritual one , then you aren't going to truly understand anything that is going on in this world.

Youtube channel



12-2-22  Narrativerry Radio Episode 6 Demitasse Jerry Marzinsky Demons, Evil Spirits, And Mental Illness

This is my [Demitasse] interview with Jerry Marzinsky a retired licensed psychotherapist with 35 years experience working with psychotic and criminally insane patients. Jerry's experiences working with schizophrenic patients led him to discover the reality behind the voices and hallucinations experienced by the mentally ill, and how these patients were suffering torment by evil spirits or demonic entities

Original video: Narrativerry Radio, demitasse,



11-28-22  Buried Alive - Mind Monsters Part 5 with Jerry Marzinsky with Lorenzo of The New NOW

If you’re like me [Lorenzo], I can guess that nobody likes the idea of being ‘buried alive’. And yet, that is what most of us have done with our past experiences of trauma. We either deal and heal these ‘bad times’ or leave them to rot, poisoning our thoughts as we continue to live through our days. Perhaps, though, by digging deep into our painful past, and imagining the source and reliving those dreadful moments, we may release the charge of stress they hold over us, now and forever more. Pains, delusions, confusions and fears, can be put to rest once we decide to seek them out and release the negative charge they hold over us. Join Jerry and I today as we discuss both his older prison cases and new techniques for helping those plagued with ‘mind monsters’ to heal beyond old wounds.


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11-28-22 Sean McCann WTD ep 71 Jerry Marzinsky 'evil Psychiatry & the Mace energy method'

Jerry Marzinsky returns to Wake the Dead to discuss the evils of Psychiatry. Psychiatry has always been about controling society’s undesirable characters. Their tools of domination have evolved over the centuries from physical restraints to mental restraints. Jerry & Sean go over the various steps along this progression from insulin shock, to electroconvulsive therapy, to neuroleptic medications. Each step is a tighter grip on the victim’s free will. Jerry also explains the Mace Energy Method of healing trauma. He uses this method in his own practice & has seen incredible results. This episode has many important facts to help our understanding of the big picture regarding mental health & population control. Please enjoy the show…

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11-17-22 Jerry Marzinsky & special guest Anon on schizophrenia & invisible parasitic entities, the 'archons' with Gabbi Choong

Schizophrenia is not caused by any genetic abnormality or chemical imbalance as the psychiatric mafia insists. It is driven by the voices which plague the consciousness of their victim. The establishment does not give the very people who have suffered this disorder any platform to speak about their experiences. They are written off as crazy with nothing to say worthwhile. They know the truth and it is only through the truth that a cure for this devastating psychological disorder will be found. At present, nothing the psychiatric mafia or their big pharma puppet masters have nothing that will permanently cure schizophrenia. Their expensive toxic medications merely suppress psychiatric symptoms and have devastating side effects. Our guest today is Anon who suffered a serious psychotic episode as a young man resulting in his being psychiatricly hospitalized for a month. He speaks for all schizophrenics as he reveals his life and death battle with the invisible voices that tried to take over his consciousness. Since that time, Anon has completed college and is currently working successfully as a mechanical engineer and with his scientific mind is one of the most unlikely people to bring forth the story you are about to hear.

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10-22-22 Ep 139 Into the mind of a schizophrenic, and the truth of the voices are with Jerry Marzinsky - Into The Mind Of A Schizophrenic, And The Truth Of The Voices Are (Jerry Marzinsky) with Pat Daly We all have voices in our head to some degree or another. Some of them sound like our own; yet, the thoughts are horrific-- How could I ever think that? This is just a smaller scale, water down version to what clinically diagnosed schizophrenics witness. Our guest today is Jerry Marzinsky. Jerry is a retired psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients. Jerry dives into the corruption of the medical institution and how the pharmaceutical companies' drugs are not meant to heal these patients; rather, they are intended to sedate and ultimately poison these patients in the name of psychology; health. Jerry's story is critical because he did what no psychotherapist has done, at least within the system: He asked his patients about the voices. In doing so, Jerry shares how the medical institution came after him, as well as the voices within these patients. We also dive into how family's and friend's can help loved ones who are living with schizophrenia. These patients long to be heard, not sedated. With that, however, comes its dangers. As Jerry mentions in this episode, a patient came to his office only to say, "They (the voices) want to speak with you." You do not want to miss this full episode.

Original video:

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10-12-22 Jerry Marzinsky psychiatric whistleblower on schizophrenia, releasing patterns & parasitic entities with Gabbi Choong

Many survivors have experienced the effects of entities either during rituals or as they heal and release these traumas. With many survivors of mk ultra and ritual abuse we now know that the abuse and programming makes use of incorporating entities as a layer of mind control. By comprehending healing requires consideration of the energetic unseen world we are creating solutions that are working and getting survivors free. May we move away from labels of diagnosing behaviour or symptoms and see that these are trauma responses to horrific abuse. Healing is possible as we release these emotions, entities, patterns and programs.

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10-3-22  Dead Man's Float - Mind Monsters Part 4 With Jerry Marzinsky with Lorenzo of The New Now.

Are we being ‘milked’ like cows by Mind Monsters? We all hear those voices suggesting ‘awful’ things to us often as potential solutions to life’s challenges. Poor choices, we all make 'em, bad feelings we all get them after. Traumas and Stresses create this type of energy: Energy that these ‘Monsters’ feed upon. Although the majority of us are not legally considered insane, the pressures of daily life, the voices that seek to corral us towards negativity, food for these ‘Mind Monsters’, all work to say otherwise. Join Jerry and I as we go through more stories from his past, pluming more of the depths of his experience and how that led him to a life of facing the ‘monsters’ that plague us all.

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Archons everywhere.jpg

9-6-22  Archons Everywhere | Jerry Marzinsky with Ellen King of Era of My Ways

Jerry was invited back to catch us up on the latest in Archon news... for those who don't know about Archons, it's time to get educated on how they affect all of us without our knowledge. It's also time to realize that your thoughts are not always your own. Welcome to the world of woo... 

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SS house of cards.jpg

8-19-22  Sherry Swiney: House Of Cards Crumbling Down HR1 with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight

Sherry and Judith have a look at current events. From the energy crisis to war, financial upheaval, and the general polarization of society, it appears there is no level untouched from stress and problems. In the second hour, we look at the occult roots of this spiritual war.

Full interview:

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8-15-22 Mind Monsters with Jerry Marzinsky - Part 1 - Inside Voices with Lorenzo of The New Now

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7-27-22  The Mace Energy Method - A New Psychotherapy that Actually Works and Works Quickly



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demonic dimensions - mysteries of CERN.jpg

7-6-22  Demonic Dimensions and the Mysteries of CERN

[Jerry is mentioned]

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9-15-22 Mind Monsters with Jerry Marzinsky - Part 3 - Back from the Abyss with Jerry Marzinsky and Anon Omous - Recovery



JM wake the dead 2.jpg

Jerry Marzinsky and Anon Omous with Sean McCann of Wake the Dead

Schizophrenics have been ostracized not been given a platform in which they could speak their truth. That changes here. The voices are very real and run fixed, repeatable patterns which preclude them from being mere hallucinations as the psychiatric mafia insists.


Original video:


JM wake the dead.jpg

9-1-22  The Voices Schizophrenics Hear are Far From Hallucinations with Jerry Marzinsky and Sean McCann of Wake the Dead

Without a iota of research into the matter the psychiatric mafia's high priests have declared the voices schizophrenics hear to be mere hallucinations. After questioning hundreds of schizophrenics over the years they stick by their story that the voices are very real. In fact, they are!


Original video:


JM Lorenzo part 2.jpg


8-15-22 Mind Monsters with Jerry Marzinsky - Part 2 -  Hungry Shadows with Lorenzo of The New Now

Original video:


Reach out to Lorenzo:


More From Anon and to Purchase his book: Revelations on Interstellar Highway 10:

JM Xtreme Reality Check 8-3-22.jpg

8-3-22 Psychiatric Whistleblower and TRUTH about Schizophrenia w Special Guest Jerry Marzinsky on Xtreme Reality Check

Original video:

7-22-22  Have No Sphere: Q&A with Sherry Swiney, Jerry Marzinsky & Anon Amous


Jerry Marzinsky & Sherry Swiney, are joined again by Anon to answer all those nagging questions you have! 

Original video:

7-1-22 Jerry Marzinsky  and George with Have No Sphere.  Jerry Marzinsky joins us once again with a special guest to delve deep into the soul and ask the question "Are all the thoughts in my head my own".

Original video:

7-2-22  Metaphysical Mining with Michelle DeVrieze - Hunting Predatory Identities with Jerry Marzinsky and Ava (Client)

Original video:

JM delingpole 6-28-22.jpg

6-28-22 Jerry Marzinsky, Anonymous, and James Delingpole talk about the psychiatric experiences of Anonymous, and an introduction of the MACE process.

Original video:

Sheep farm JM Anon Jun 2022.jpg

6-25-22  Mint Sauce Chronicles, Sun Download, Zootopia, Avatar Simulation + Jerry Marzinsky with SheepFarm. In this episode we discuss a few weekly topics that are in the news. Then we discuss Jerry Marzinsky and Anon guest and play the first part of the interview.

Original video:

6-10-22 Jerry Marzinsky: The Western Mental Health System is a Drug Fueled Merry-go-Round with Josh Corey/


JM Judith childhood not a disorder.jpg

4-22-22 Jerry Marzinsky: Childhood Is Not A Disorder HR1 on Nightflight with Judith Kwoba.


Lorenzo-Sherry video 6-2-22.jpg

6-2-22 Sherry Swiney and Lorenzo (New NOW) delve deep into the mind’s voice and the lies that lay there.  Who’s voice is that? Is it yours? Is it an alien? Are you going crazy or simply being encouraged to live happily ‘out of your mind’? Lorenzo would say there will come a time for all of us when it’s very important to learn to discern the difference between the ‘ego’s advice’ and your hearts gentle suggestions.

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4-19-22 The Voices Schizophrenic's Hear Are Not Hallucinations - They are Very Real!

4-21-22 Demonic Possession, Intrusive Thoughts and an Account of Human Courage and Resilience.  Interview with Paul Ponssot in France - The voices schizophrenics hear ARE REAL, they are not hallucinations. They run well defined, repeatable patterns that are not random as are real hallucinations. Schizophrenics can be cured. Schizophrenia is not a life sentence as the psychiatric mafia will have you believe.


4-6-22 Shadow People, Schizophrenic Voices, and Methamphetamines: Jerry Marzinsky with Michelle DeVrieze


Nightfligh SS 3-25-22.jpg

3-25-22  Sherry Swiney and Judith Kwoba analyze recent events and tie them to the last two years of our shared experience.

Given that Neptun is in Pisces until 2026 and that this signifies mass delusions and insanity, we are not even at half-time.



3-24-22  Paul Ponssot interviews Jerry Marzinsky (interview in english): Non human beings, intrusive thoughts and the psychotic mind - Au-delà de l'illusion
Recorded on Feburary 19, 2022

Original broadcast:

3-15-22 Q and A - The Presence of Other Worlds with Jerry Marzinsky, Jinean Florom, and Mark Windows.  We take questions on the intrusive negative voices which can take over their host.


JM Mark Anon Omous.jpg

02-20-22 The Voices Schizophrenics Hear ARE NOT Hallucinations.  Psychiatry's proclamation that schizophrenia is a life sentence and that the voices schizophrenics hear are merely hallucinations simply is not true. Schizophrenics who realize their malady is a spiritual battle and do everything possible to distance themselves from their voices have the best chance of a full recovery as our Anon guest reveals after a four week psychiatric hospitalization. 


3-11-22 Battling the Voices of the Hidden Predator: Sherry Swiney with Michelle DeVrieze


01-25-22 Possession - Demonic Voices - Jerry Marzinsky and Mark Windows of Windows On The World with special guest Jinean Florom who relates how negative voices can take hold of and control a person with devastating results. The show will also look at the way to counteract and deal with these intrusions.


01-07-22 A Trip Into the Mind of a Paranoid Schizophrenic - Not What You Might Think - Jerry Marzinsky and Mark Windows of Windows On The World

Youtube channel:

JM mafia harry bonapart.jpg

12-24-21 The Psychiatric Mafia, their Toxic Psych Drugs, Corruption, and the True Cause of Schizophrenia Jerry Marzinsky with Harry Bonaparte

Youtube channel:

JM-Judith interview.jpg

12-13-21 The Intrusive Thoughts and The Agenda Jenny Lynn and Jerry Marzinsky with James Bartley



12-10-21 Where do thoughts come from - Jerry and Sherry with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight

See our previous shows at

12-01-21 Negative Thoughts as Parasitic Entities with Sherry Swiney: An Alchemi-Culture Podcast - Join Phoenix as he interviews Sherry Swiney who is the creator of "That is a lie" program.  Sherry talks about how she feels negative thought patterns are often attributed to "dark side entities" and how they act very much like a parasite; invading the mind to access your memory in order to create relevant negative thoughts to elicit negative emotional responses from you so they can "feed" off of that energy. Sherry makes the point that everyone is susceptible to these negative entities and the best way to deal with these thoughts is to send love, laughter, and have no fear!


11-18-21 Psychic Parasites, Pharma & the Fraud of Psychiatry with Jerry Marzinsky. Eyes Wide Open Podcast 010

See our previous shows at

10-5-21 The Presence of Other Worlds with Jerry Marzinsky

Jerry Marzinsky and guest Jenny on the subject of negative entities which can take over their victims with devastating results. Jerry was a licensed psychiatric practitioner and worked in the largest mental health institutions in the US. Our previous shows with Jerry include “Are Demons real” This is a follow on from our many interviews on the subject. See our previous shows at

9-13-21 Reexamining Mental Health with Jerry Marzinsky - What the Psychiatric Mafia don't want you to know

the voices.

This week I'm on Ascension of the Chessmen with Andre Mytty. We talk about how the high priest drug lords of mental health misinform or don't inform their patients as to the toxicity or addiction potential of many of the drugs they dish out like candy and totally disregard the fact that their patients are spiritual beings. They continue to insist the psychotic voices schizophrenics hear are hallucinations despite the fact that they run well defined, unswerving and predictable patterns which hallucinations don't. Tune in to learn more about the matching psychotic voices speaking to the planet today through the MSM.

Original broadcast link:


Ascension Of The Chessmen

Together we ill awaken to greatness seeing each other as divine reflections.

8-9-21 Brizer show - THE PRESENCE OF OTHER WORLDS IN SCHIZOPHRENIA - PATTERNS - 2021 08 09 Jerry and Jenny.


Jenny Lynn's youtube:
Jenny Lynn's website:
Original Audio Broadcast:

sheep farm 32 parasites run the world.jpg


The whole world is living under a cloud of fear. This is being driven by dark satanic forces, energy parasites who drain us of our most precious resource. The whole program we are subjected to is on a scale that’s difficult to imagine. Why would these apparently benevolent people really want to harm or even kill us? Because underneath it all they are also controlled by a higher power pushing them to make decisions that will wipe billions of humans from the map.

JM Weaving Spider.jpg

9-19-21 #49 Jerry Marzinsky, Shaman & Mystic of mental health

Weaving Spiders  Channel

9-6-21 The Jerry & Sherry Show


Conversation between Jerry & Sherry on the nature of the voices and what to do about them.

Plus the true driving force behind paranoid schizophrenia - the voices.

7-5-21 The Entities Behind Schizophrenia With Jerry Marzinsky and Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy.  In this episode, Phoenix interviews Jerry to find out more about his ground-breaking theories on the root cause of Schizophrenia.  With near perfect parallels to Paracelsian views on Schizophrenia and Mental Health often pertaining to Ens Spirituale, Jerry and Phoenix explore alternative theories and concepts to the root causes and potential treatments available for mental illnesses, in particular how to help those with Schizophrenia.


6-24-21 Jerry & Sherry Show - Interview with Gretchen who talks about her experience inside a mental hospital and taking the drugs she was prescribed.  She then talks about her experience with the healer who helped her get her life back.


6-22-21 Jerry Marzinsky - Demonic possession of the MSM with psychotherapist Jenny Lynn.  In this interview, we expand upon his book looking in the 23 patterns that Jerry has identified in the Schizophrenic mind that are consistently identical in every schizophrenic he has ever worked with. ​


6-13-21 Era of My Ways - Jerry Marzinsky and group.  In the realm of possibilities, where are you on your journey? You must know darkness in order to comprehend your light. Art, Science, Spirituality merge into one here.. ​


6-03-21 Windows on the World with Jerry Marzinsky and Marie from Ireland.  She talks about her experiences with a boyfriend who was eaten up by the voices and tried to get her to kill herself. ​


5-20-21 Jerry & Sherry Show - Interview with Marie - how to survive living with a psychopath


5-10-21 Sheep Farm Podcast | Jerry Marzinsky | George Jagatic | Demon Voices & The Psychotic Mind


4-28-21 The James Delingpole Channel | Jerry Marzinsky Here he tells the extraordinary story about what happened when he asked for more detail about the voices in their heads. This is possibly the most mind-blowing podcast you will ever hear.


3-27-21 Foreign Inner Voices Pt. 2 | Jerry Marzinsky & George Jagatic with Shellee-Kim Gold.  The 'Patterns the Voices Run', which has nothing to do with psychiatry's 'hallucinating' schizophrenics. Ways in which these parasitic entities operate and how to tell your own voice from theirs, as well as methods that repel these entities to reclaim your own true self.


2-23-21 The Brian Brizer Show  - George Jagatic - Jerry Marzinsky - From the Horses Mouth - The Truth About Paranoid Schizophrenia and the Voices which Drive it.

1-17-21 Jerry Marzinsky - Guests tonight are Jerry Marzinsky plus Martin Houtson.  The discussion is about what's happening in our world today with the lockdowns and the consequences associated with these controls that do not have to do with Covid.


1-9-21 Negative Entities - The Presence of Other Worlds. 


A follow up to our Windows on the World shows about negative intrusion. The presence of other worlds and demonic entities has been known for thousands of years. We explore actual cases of demonic intrusion with our guests. Mark Windows with George, Sherri Swiney, and Jerry Marzinski.


4-16-21Sheep Farm Podcast | Jerry Marzinsky | The Psychotic Mind - Breaking The Spell Of the Ivory Tower


Inner voices pt 1.jpg

3-20-21 Foreign Inner Voices Pt. 1 | Jerry Marzinsky & George Jagatic with Shellee-Kim Gold.  The origins of the self-destructive voices we have within, posing as our own. Jerry proves the difference between hallucinations the psychiatric industry claims belong to the mentally disordered, versus the characteristics of the living voices. Counsellor George shares on his own meth addiction journey, which opened the door to being plagued by his 'voices' before discovering their weaknesses.


1-24-21 Earth - The Post-Truth Era.  Mark Windows with Jerry Marzinsky and Martin Houston. See also our spreaker shows at

JM & Judith American Turmoil.jpg

1-15-21 Jerry Marzinsky - American Turmoil with Judith Kwoba on Nightflight.  Jerry and I have a lively discussion about the current state of affairs in the USA, and the role of Trump. Jerry Marzinsky is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 35 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation.

1-6-21 Beating the voices and entities behind them at their own game.  George Jagatic, Jerry Marzinsky, James Bartley of Cosmic Switchboard.  Part 1.   George Jagatic is a Retired Licenced Creative Arts Psychotherapist who started to hear voices after using Amphetamines. George has developed ways and means to keep the Voices and the Entities behind the voices at bay.  Jerry Marzinsky is a Retired Licenced Psychotherapist who has spent over 35 years working with people diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Jerry learned over time the Voices in peoples' heads were actual entities.

Sherry on KindaDetective 12-4-20.jpg

12-4-20 Who or What Fuels Our Destructive Thoughts?

KindaSound Online Global Community RadioBy The KindaSound Team



Also available on Spotify

11-27-20 Friday FARcast -- Canceling The Archonic Culture With Sherry Swiney| Robert Phoenix - The 11th House

we explore the swarm of voices in our heads, thoughts not our own. What are they? Where do they come from? What is the nature of mind itself and how do we fortify ourselves against these whispers of doubt, defeat, destruction and even death.

Jay Campbell JM-SS.jpg

Jerry Marzinsky & Sherry Swiney:  The Criminally Insane Are Possessed by Demons with Jay Campbell.  We do a deep dive into their fascinating book: AN AMAZING JOURNEY INTO THE PSYCHOTIC MIND - BREAKING THE SPELL OF THE IVORY TOWER

We discuss the following:  The Author's Courage to produce the book and the obstacles they faced.  How Big Pharma, their Academic Puppets and the Psychiatric Mafia are the biggest threat to the Public.  Why is the Suicide Rate of Schizophrenics 3-5x that of the normal population?  Recorded November 2, 2020

JM with Shellee.jpg

Jerry Marzinsky: KINDADETECIVE Psychiatry's Scam & Who Hides Behind Schizophrenics.  KindaSound online Global Community Radio with Shellee-Kim Gold. 

Published Oct. 28, 2020.


Jerry Marzinsky: Demonic Possession, Schizophrenia and Hearing Voices on TruthSeekah with Derek Grosskurth.

Published Sep 29, 2020


JM on Night Dreams 9-21-20.jpg
SS-beware ankle biters.jpg

Jerry Marzinsky: Criminally Insane and More with Gary Anderson on Night Dreams Radio.  The discussion includes Jerry's experiences working with criminally insane in the prison system, and much more.

Published Sep 21, 2020

9-11-2020 Sherry Swiney, co-authored the book "An Amazing Journey Into The Psychotic Mind" with Jerry Marzinsky.: Beware the Astral Ankle Biters with Judith Kwoba.
Listen to more on the ankle bitters

JM & Judith American Turmoil.jpg

Jerry Marzinsky: Journey Into The Psychotic Mind | Nightflight with Judith Kwoba - Today we talk about the book that he and Sherry Swiney wrote: An Amazing Journey Into The Psychotic Mind - Breaking The Spell Of The Ivory Tower. We also connect the dots to our current situation and have a look at Trump and the Q crowd. Published Sep 5, 2020

FULL VIDEO Schizophrenia | Starlight Healer, Kenny with  Jerry and George who has been suffering from schizophrenia. 

Published Aug 18, 2020

HIGHLIGHTS Schizophrenia | Starlight Healer, Kenny with  Jerry and George who has been suffering from schizophrenia.  Aug 18, 2020

Spirit Box #28 / Jerry Marsinsky, Schizophrenia and parasitic entities with Darragh Mason Field

Published Aug 9, 2020

The Presence of Other Worlds: Jerry Marzinsky plus guest George Jagatic... with Mark Windows, Windows on the World:

•Streamed live on Aug 7, 2020

Have No Sphere: Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men? Our Guest Jerry Marzinsky Knows... with Josh Corey

Published July 17, 2020

JM Mark Windows July 7 2020.jpg

Windows on the World: Our Guest Jerry Marzinsky Knows... with Mark Windows

Published July 7, 2020

Jerry Interview #2 with Terri Cmorey.jpg

Talking With Jerry Marzinsky Via Video (Part 2) - Terri Cmorey | Jerry Marzinsky on Vibrations of the Soul

July 5th, 2020

Entities and what’s going on in this world at the moment - Jerry Marzinsky | Joshua Dharma on Dharma Portal

Uploaded May 15, 2020

Wrestling With Demons - Jerry Marzinsky | Beth Martens on King Hero's Journey

Published June 18, 2020

Demons - The Presence of Other Worlds - Jerry Marzinsky | Sherry Swiney | Mark Windows on Windows on the World

Live May 6, 2020

A Journey into the Psychotic Mind & Demonic Possession - Jerry Marzinsky | Jeff O'Toole on We Are Change Talk Show.

Published May 29, 2020

Demonic Archon Possession Of The Psychotic Mind & Schizophrenia - Jerry Marzinsky \ Lucas Alexander on Age Of Truth TV -

Uploaded May 2,2020

Entity Attacks, Toxic Drugs, & Links to Schizophrenics & Mental Health - Jerry Marzinsky on Forever Conscious Research  Channel

Published April 21, 2020


Archonic Mind Parasites - Jerry Marzinsky & Sherry Swiney | ​Miguel Conner on Aeon Byte - Originally aired February 28, 2020 Uploaded March 19, 2020

Windows on the World JM2.jpg

Negative emotions and entities.   Mark Windows | Jerry Marzinsky on Windows on the World  

Recorded April 14, 2020

Are Demons Real? Mark Windows Weidner | Jerry Marzinsky on Windows on the World

 Uploaded March 18, 2020

The Voices in My Head Don't Like Me: Schizophrenia, Shamanism and the Archons. Part 2.- Jay Weidner | Jerry Marzinsky on REALiTY Check

Uploaded March 3,, 2020

The Voices in My Head Don't Like Me: Schizophrenia, Shamanism and the Archons. Part 1.- Jay Weidner | Jerry Marzinsky on REALiTY Check

Uploaded February 27, 2020

Earlier interviews listed by ascending date

(oldest to newest)

Demons are Real -

Robert Stanley | Jerry Marzinsky 

- Originally Published on Jun 6, 2013​

How to Deal With Evil Spirits - Curtis Childs | Jerry Marzinsky on offTheLeftEye Swedenborg Group

- Published April 9, 2015​

How to Free Your Mind From Hell - Curtis Childs | Jerry Marzinsky on offTheLeftEye Swedenborg Group

 - Published on Jun 8, 2015

Conquering  the Dark Side Entities - Lindsey Brown | Sherry Swiney on Rogue Ways

Uploaded February 28, 2020

JM & Judith American Turmoil.jpg

​Q&A Re Schizophrenia - Judith Kwoba | Jerry Marzinsky on Nightflight

Uploaded January 15, 2020

Jerry Marzinsky Terri Cmorey.jpg

"You Have a Chemical Imbalance" is pure Propaganda - Terri Cmorey | Jerry Marzinsky on Vibration of the Soul

– Published on January 4th, 2020

Demons are for Real - Swedenborg Group | Jerry Marzinsky

- Published on Feb 29, 2016

The Lies Evil Spirits Tell Us - Curtis Childs | Jerry Marzinsky & Sherry Swiney on offTheLeftEye Swedenborg Group

- Published on Oct 19, 2015

Do Spirits Play a Role in Addiction?- Curti Childs | Jerry Marzinsky & Other Guests on offTheLeftEye Swedenborg Group

- Published on Feb. 14, 2017 

The Voices are Entities, part 1

James Bartley |  Jerry Marzinsky on Cosmic Switchboard.  

- Published on Aug 18, 2017

Beating the Archons -

Mark Windows | Sherry Swiney on Windows on the World.  

- Published on Feb 11, 2018

What is Demonic Possession?

Mark Windows | Jerry Marzinsky  on Windows on the World.  

- Published on Dec 20, 2017

Dark Voices from Dark Entities, part 1 - James Bartley | Sherry Swiney on Cosmic Switchboard.  

- Published on Feb 18, 2018

The Chemical Imbalance Fraud, part 1

James Bartley | Jerry Marzinsky & Sherry Swiney 

- Published Dec 29, 2017

The Presence of Other Worlds, part 1 -

Freeman | Jerry Marzinsky on Freeman TV.  Are your thoughts your own?

- Published on Mar 10, 2018

Beyond your Brain, part 1 -

Freeman | Sherry Swiney on Freeman TV.  Are your thoughts your own?

- Published on Mar 31, 2018

The Presence of Other Worlds - 

Mark Windows | Jerry Marzinsky on Windows On The World
- Published on Apr 15, 2018 

Bitchute video Robert Stanley Jerry Marz

The dark side is real - Robert Stanley | Jerry Marzinsky on KGRA Unicus Radio - Published May 11, 2018

The Voices We Hear Are Not Our Own -

Leonard Olivares | Jerry Marzinsky on Fringe Radio Network | Eyes Wide Open - Published on May 19, 2018

Behind the Dark Thoughts, part 1 -

James Bartley | Jerry Marzinsky on Cosmic Switchboard.

- Published on May 29, 2018

Is Your Mind Being Hacked? part 1 - 

Tamara Westwood | Jerry Marzinsky
- Published on Jun 4, 2018

Is Your Mind Being Hacked? part 2 - 

Tamara Westwood | Jerry Marzinsky
- Published on Jun 4, 2018

Schizophrenia, The Voices - Demons Exist -

Vicki Stardust | Jerry Marzinsky 
The first moments of this interview are in Greek, but hang in there, it goes to English shortly.  

- Published on Jun 9, 2018


Mental Health and Other Worlds-

Leonard Olivares | Jerry Marzinsky on Fringe Radio

Published Jul 22, 2018

Mind parasites Marc Gray.jpg

Mind Parasites and How to free your mind - Marc Gray | Sherry Swiney on DTV

- Published on Sep 29, 2018

- Original video:

The Myth of Chemical Imbalance - Freeman Fly | Jerry Marzinsky on Freeman TV

- Published on Oct 20, 2018

Paul Eno Radio.jpg

Who's Voice is That? - Paul Eno | Jerry Marzinsky on Behind The Paranormal

- Published Nov 11, 2018

Part 1 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

Part 2 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

Part 3 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

Part 4 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

Part 7 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

JM & Judith American Turmoil.jpg

Demonic Attacks & Mental Health - Judith Kwoba | Jerry Marzinsky on Nightflight 

- Published on March 14, 2019

What Drives the Voices Schizophrenis Hear? - Mr. Rho | Jerry Marzinsky on Reality Extraction Revolution Radio

- Live on May 02, 2019

Part 5 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

Part 8 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

Part 6 - Jerry Marzinsky | Jenny Lynn - Unravelling Schizophrenia

- Recorded Nov. 28, 2018

Schizophrenia, Possession and Freedom  - Richard Cox | Jerry Marzinsky on Deep State Consciousness

- Published on Jan 16, 2019 

Sherry-Judith interview.jpg

Evil Spirits and Drug Use - Curtis Childs | Jerry Marzinsky on offTheLeftEye Swedenborg Group

- Published on Jan 16, 2019

Overcoming Archontic Attacks & Dark Thoughts - Judith Kwoba | Sherry Swiney on Nightflight  

- Published on Apr 4, 2019

Mr Rho.jpg

Where Do Negative Thoughts Come From? - Mr. Rho | Sherry Swiney on Reality Extraction Revolution Radio

Live on May 16, 2019

Eyes wide open 7-18-19.jpg

The History of Psychology & The Criminally Insane - Leonard Olivares | Jerry Marzinsky on Eyes Wide Open

- Published on July 18, 2019

Cosmic Matrix Podcast JM.jpg

Discoveries Practicing Psychotherapy - The Voices are Not Hallucinations - Bernhard Guenther | Jerry Marzinsky on The Cosmic Matrix

- Published on Sep. 13, 2019 

Paranoid Schizophrenia in State Hospitals and Prisons in America Part 1 - Jackie Hilchuk |Jerry Marzinsky on Blue Apple

- Published on May 7, 2019

The Anatomy of Demons - James True | Jerry Marzinsky on Campfire with  
- Published on Aug 17, 2019

JM-Marc great coverup.jpg

​Voices in Schizophrenics' heads! Demon Possession and The Great Coverup - Marc Gray | Jerry Marzinsky on Dimensions TV

- Published on Sept. 20, 2019

Paranoid Schizophrenia in State Hospitals and Prisons in America Part 2 - Jackie Hilchuk |Jerry Marzinsky on Blue Apple

- Published on May 7, 2019

Freeman Fly Jerry Marzinsky 10-20-18.jpg

​​Demons and the System 

Freeman Fly | Jerry Marzinsky

- Published on Oct. 20, 2019

Predators from all Angles Try to Whittle Away at our Ability to Exist Comfortably -  Lindsey Scharm | Jerry Marzinsky on Rogue Ways 2.25

- Published on ​Oct. 30, 2019

Jerry Marzinsky Fahrusha show.jpg

The Links To Mental Health, Schizophrenia And Entity Attachment part 1 - Tony Sayers | Jerry Marzinsky

- Published on Nov. 23, 2019

Jerry Marzinsky Fahrusha show.jpg

#97 Entities or Schizophrenia?  Fahrusha | Jerry Marzinsky on Shattered Reality Show 

- Published on December 29, 2019

Listen here

Emanuel ​Swedenborg - The Battle for the Mind and Soul Part 1 - James Bartley  |  Jerry Marzinsky 

- Published on December 5, 2019

The Links To Mental Health, Schizophrenia And Entity Attachment part 2 - Tony Sayers | Jerry Marzinsky

- Published on Nov. 23, 2019

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