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""We are very different in what we bring to the table.  We're all working for the same thing.  We're working for us to become better people and create a better world." -- Gregg Braden

 Welcome to my website

I am a retired licensed psychotherapist.  I explore and write about the phenomena of non-physical beings that plague individuals and disrupt their lives.  My research has led to methods of helping people come to terms with the malicious inner voices they hear to show them what these voices really are.  (GO TO BOOK PAGE)

If three decades ago, I saw an article labeled “Demons Are For Real,” I would have scoffed, “Oh Really!”  Now, after what I’ve experienced in my 35 years on the front lines with patients suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, there is no doubt in my mind that these entities exist.  I’ve both seen and spoken to them and they are very nasty.

It turns out that schizophrenics are not having hallucinations when they hear voices.  They are being attacked by real living invisible entities, conscious of what they are doing.  My articles and videos go into detail and I encourage you to read and watch. 

Once I knew what was happening to my patients and showed them the truth about what their voices were, both the patient and I became a threat and a target to these entities.  You see these entities feed off negative energy.  If they can trick you into feeling anxiety, fear, or any other form of stress that turns your emotions negative, they can feast from you.  

In one case a patient I’d never seen before reported his voices warned him to stay away from me the moment I walked into the emergency room.  In another case, a patient who was improving told me his voices wanted to speak with me.  What the voices told me was this: "You have no right to interfere with our way of life!"  

Providing people with knowledge of the existence of this menace and how they manifest in our lives is the last thing these energy parasites want.  They want you to go on believing that in this age of science, demons are fictional, a maniacal throwback to medieval and prehistoric days; tales of the uneducated. 
They are thrilled that you ignore the twenty-five or more times the Bible depicts Jesus casting out demons.  They are even more pleased when you view the Bible as irrelevant to this issue.  They prefer you to believe that science is God and demons don’t exist. 
It’s so much easier for these evil entities to go about their destructive work in stealth when their existence is denied by the millions upon whom they prey.  Like a tapeworm whose victim is ignorant of its presence, they don’t want you to know they exist.  This isn’t about religion.  This is about understanding that spirits exist and that evil spirits fear love and certain phrases from biblical text.

The information that upsets them most and to which they react the strongest is you becoming aware that they feed off of YOU.  They drain and steal your life energy.  To do this, they must first turn your emotional state negative.  It is only negative emotional energy that sustains them. 
Look at the state of the world today and its negative influence.  The production of negative emotional energy becomes very clear.  They want no interference with their food source.  They don’t want you to be educated about how they interfere with your life.  They want you isolated, alone, and feeling hopelessly lost.  This is their way.   

Their greatest fear is being discovered.  Being aware that demons really do exist is the first step toward countering and eliminating their negative influence from your life. 
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