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by Jerry Marzinsky

May 6, 2024

Note: I’ve made a few edits like correcting typos and grammar for the reader.  Below is the message I received from Jacqueline, published with her permission.  I think many readers will be able to relate with this experience, and be helped by it as well.

April 30, 2024


Hi Jerry, I was listening to another video of yours. Want to thank you for your work. So grateful to Lord Jesus that I was able to connect with you. I was having this nudge to share with you for quite sometime.


This happened to my friend's sister. In India, we do not have that level of awareness that when someone is hearing the voice they will go to psychiatrist but we will first to exorcist.


It may not happen so much in metro cities but it certainly happens in town and villages. There are positive and negatives to this approach.


On hearing scam the pharmas are running, I am thinking it is a blessing that we are not that advanced. But we are catching up. I called my friend's sister, Didi.

Didi was around 18, entered the junior college. She was reported to her mother by the school that she was missing the class and was not showing up. Then she would go regular for few days and again go missing.


Someone in the neighborhood told mother that she was seen near the river. She seemed to be having conversations with someone at night and random times of the day. Her mother tried every right like a local voo-doo guy to visiting a person who would break the spells but with no luck.


Finally, she was told to visit a church, where the pastor performs exorcism. Being from a Hindu background and with sociopolitical situation where Christians looked as "people who convert you", she was reluctant at the beginning. But at the same time, she was desperate to help her daughter.


She took Didi to church. The moment Didi stepped in the church Pastor announced that a ghost had come to church. She prayed over that but it was from that moment that a voice started speaking to the mother, telling her that he was going to take Didi with him.


It was then the mother understood why Didi was taken by this entity to secluded and isolated places. The intention was kill her. Her mother didn't give up.


Since you often speak about them being energy beings, here are a few things you may find interesting. I am not sure if it was a real ghost or an evil spirit. Cause toward the end when it was his time to go, he told the mother that he had become a good spirit and could leave. But he will return as Didi's baby: her first born child couldn't survive after few days of delivery.


If it was him [the voice] or not none of us know.


They started visiting the church and seemed to notice an improvement in Didi. Each member of the family has an experience with the Lord and one by one each one of them gave their life to Jesus. But every Sunday, when the family would get ready in the morning to go to church this entity would sing that "today is beating day".


He told [the family] that when Didi would sit in church, it was like he was beaten by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Another time, he would say that he will start a fight between mother and Didi.


Didi would then ask for food. Her mother would prepare fresh Indian bread. Didi would have one after the another. She wouldn't stop. A normal person can consume, one to four Indian bread for a meal. But Didi was consuming 20-25. Her mother was shocked but kept serving.


Then he would leave her body. Didi would then ask for food and complained that her mother is not giving her food. Then there would be an argument. Her mother remembered that he said he will start a fight between them. Didi wouldn't have memory of the food she ate. The energy one gets from consuming the food would go to him [the entity].


Another time, he told the mother to cover up the cracks in the walls of their house because evil spirits would come and stay in those cracks. He would tell her one of the aunts was sending evil spirits to her house because she was jealous. This happens to be true as one of her aunts communicated with trapped evil spirits and they have to follow her command.


He would tell her that their time is different than our human time. They don't function like us. They don't sleep or rest like we do. With being regular to church on Sundays, gradually he stopped hurting Didi but still took her to isolated places. But Didi got this extra-ordinary power then when she would warn people and speak with random people about real things in their lives.


Her mother would pray each time that Didi stayed quiet when she was in public places like grocery stores or visiting local shop or social gathering. Cause people would start noticing this new found gift.


The mother was protective because of social pressure cause then it would be known that they have accepted the Lord and it could create issues with people from her community. However, Didi would tell her things of the future. There was clear distinction when this entity would speak and Didi would speak because of her gift.


The mother would get water in bottle prayed over from the Pastor to sprinkle in the house. It would be Holy Water. This entity would tell her to open the bottle so he could hide in the Holy Water cause other evil spirits were coming to take him. But would also request not to keep him trapped in the bottle.


The mother asked who were these evil spirits? He told her that these were given charge over him. He was assigned the task of getting Didi's soul. He later told that he was a boy who had a crush on Didi and one day while crossing the road to meet her, he was run over by truck/bus and died one the spot. He died before his time.


So these evil spirits (high ranking) took him and assigned him the task of getting her soul. He then told the mother the address to his house. Both, mother and Didi went to his house. The boy's mother confirmed the accidental death. Then the mother told that he has possessed Didi. Now, boy's bother was not willing to accept it. The boy told Didi's mother about some box that is kept in the cupboard which only the family knew. When boy's mother heard that she was shocked cause there was no way for a stranger to know about the box.


This entity later shared that when they were in the house few accidents happen. Example: Milk would split when kept for boiling. Or a plate with food would fall on floor and cannot be consumed. If these things are happening regularly, it is them. Cause the energy from the food is gone to them. None of this is possible without the human touch.


We do have a belief not to eat what has fallen on the ground. I had no idea on the spiritual reason other than it can have bacteria. But this idea was new for me yet it makes sense.


The spot on highways that is accident-prone are operated by them to trap the soul of people before time. Then the person dies before time and is not clean, these entities take care and assign them the task.


While this entity was working from the evil intent, it would usually possess Didi when she would get angry. Anger was like a tool that hands over the control of the body from Didi to the entity.


One time, when mother and Didi were returning late at night after performing some voo-doo ritual sacrifice of chicken with some tantric, the boys in their lane made lewd regards suggesting that both mother and daughter where sleeping around. This got Didi angry and this entity took over. Didi lifted up a motorbike to throw at them. This is not possible for a normal girl with lean physic. But at that moment the mother knew that she was possessed. Though still in denial until one day, he spoke to her after church. It took years for him to leave Didi.


But when he was leaving, he told that visiting church had become good and it was his time to leave. He would return as her baby.


From what the mother has shared, it makes sense how these entities latch on the human for energy. Fear and anger is used as tool to take control. In one of your videos, you shared how they first test their "subject" by asking them to do small tasks. It is like to check how much control they can have over that person. This is similar to what John Paul Jackson who had a gift of dreams and visions shared. In the beginning, when the Lord started speaking with John Paul, he would ask him to pick up the piece of paper, he had dropped. They imitate the heavenly kingdom:

“As above so below”.

"May your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."


I appreciate your work. May the Lord bless you and keep you and your family safe under his shelter. Regards, Jacqueline


After receiving permission to publish this story, Jacqueline wrote back with the following wise message:


May 1, 2024


Sure. Please share the email. If this email serves as a blessing, I will be more than happy.


I am sure there are so many people who wanted to hear and get a confirmation in their hearts (they didn't want to prove it to anyone one but just for themselves) when they heard you and Sherry is sharing the TRUTH.


I do believe we all "know" in our spirit what is the truth and what is the lie. Had we not "known", we don't battle and struggle and get stressed out. That "knowing", Lord showed me is His still voice speaking gently to our hearts. Just like you knew in your heart that those voices were something else but finding "what they were" was your journey. That knowing is beyond rational, intelligence and is super holy and scared in nature that no language in the world has come up with a word to express it. I am sure we can only express the feelings but there ain't a word that can contain that supernatural experience of knowing.


We are on the same side in this spiritual battle. :)


Both, you and your families are in my prayers. May the hedge of protection of the Lord, surround you and the works of your hands, now and always. Regards, Jacqueline


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