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February 05, 2017

By Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.











A comment submitted to Letters to Jerry” prompted me to prepare this general warning message for our readers.  Below is a clip of Letter #2 (See full letter posted here).  This person has been struggling with his voices for over twenty years.  He tells of the reaction to one of the videos we posted:​


​​“The voices make me very weak.  I fight with them day and night to keep my sanity.  Siphoning off my energy is their main weapon.  They won’t let me listen to any information about what they are or how to get rid of them.  When I tried to listen to these interviews, I fell asleep.  Later when I tried to remember what was said, all I could remember was that there was nothing useful in them.  The deception was complete.”

This warning applies to individuals who have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and people who are plagued by intrusive negative thoughts or voices that others cannot hear.  This is also good information for their families and friends to know so they know what to expect.

For therapists and families that are fed up with the ineffectiveness of the medical system in treating schizophrenia and want to help their loved one by different means as an alternative to conventional psychiatric treatment, there are potent tools available on our website to help you do so, some of which must be utilized with caution.  We explain why below:

WARNING:  To parents, friends, patients, and therapists reading the information contained in our articles and videos, there is a high probability that the voices see our healing methods as a threat to their survival.


​​In cases where a person is experiencing intrusive negative thoughts, that sound just like their own thoughts, there is a possibility that the person will get sleepy while viewing our information, or the individual will suddenly remember something else to do that takes them away from the information.  Here, we advise the person to be aware that sleepiness and distraction may occur and to stick with it diligently if you want these intrusive thoughts to cease.

In severe schizophrenic cases, extreme caution is advised.  The risk may be high that the voices will become extremely agitated to the point of inciting violence, 


  1. ​When the patient is exposed to the healing information presented here or

  2. If this information is forced upon them before they are ready to hear it or

  3. If their voices are so strong they have little or no control over them.  


​​We know that anti-psychotic drugs heal nothing and are in fact damaging to the body, but we also know that anti-psychotic drugs, as a temporary measure, calm an agitated patient long enough for them to hear the information presented on eliminating the voices without pharmaceutical drugs.

If you do provide this information to the patient, from that time on, the voices will consider you a threat and advise the patient to get away from you.  If the patient is not able to do so, the voices will direct them to attack you if you persist.  I have had this happen to me more than once in a clinical setting.  Be very, very careful giving our information to any schizophrenic patient and if you decide to do so, make sure you have someone around as backup who can intervene, if warranted.

Our information exposes what the voices and intrusive negative thoughts really are.  While this is the very last thing the voices want their victims to become aware of, it is one of the most important pieces of information necessary for them to know. 

Those who have been victimized by these negative and derogatory voices have hundreds or even thousands of times experienced being attacked by them.  After the voices withdrawal from these attacks, the patient is left with so little energy and are often so depressed that they can’t even get out of bed (see article on this here). 

​The voices ARE conscious, aware and destructive entities.  Exposing them for what they are, how they operate and how to get rid of them is their greatest fear because this threatens their food source.  When their food source is threatened, they will react in various ways:


  1. ​Vehemently: displaying zealous; ardent; impassioned demands:  a vehement defense; vehement enthusiasm.  Characterized by rancor or anger; violence, hostility; vengeance.  Strongly emotional; intense or passionate.  “What I’m hearing is crazy talk, dangerous, isn’t true, urgent I must leave now, let me out of here now!  Attack the messenger now!”

  2. Trickery: false pretense, deception, deceit.  The requisite elements are the intentional deception of a victim by false representation or with the intent of persuading or driving the victim into fear, anxiety, and worry.

  3. Accusatory: to induce guilt, to get them to do something wrong to cause more guilt.  Implication; blame; shame.  A cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes—accurately or not—that he/she has compromised their own standards of conduct or has violated a moral standard and bears significant responsibility for that violation.  It is closely related to remorse; not being able to forgive oneself.

  4. Sudden Urges: can’t stay awake, bored, weary, apathy, unconcerned, uninterested, restless.  The mind can’t stop wandering to a different – more interesting – topic.  The feeling that there’s something more important to do than this other thing.


To those of you plagued by consistently negative voices, thoughts and ideas, who are sticking with it, I commend you.  You’ve done remarkably well to have made it to this body of information, but your real battle has only begun.  We know what a challenge this is for you and that’s why we continue to offer information and tools you may use that will assist you on your journey to freedom from these parasites.

I strongly advise that your first step in fighting back is to read and implement “The That’s a Lie Program” before going on to read the other information we’ve posted.  Expect stiff resistance at first.  If you stay with the program, while utilizing the other tools we’ve made available, it gets easier and with consistency you will notice that life is getting better for you.


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