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by Jerry Marzinsky

June 8, 2022

If you’ve been following my work, you know what I’ve been saying about the deadly side effects of psychotropic drugs, while curing nothing, for people who suffer with schizophrenia. In our book we show appalling stats about the number of people, including children, who are prescribed these dangerous drugs.

Below is an informative article written by Jon Rappaport on June 7, 2022, "Mass Shootings and the Psychiatric Drug Connection - The Involvement of the CIA’s MKULTRA Mind Control Program" which is worth reading.

Who is Jon Rappaport and why should you pay attention to his research? He is a top notch investigative independent journalist for over 30+ years, author of AIDS, Inc., and the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, among other things.

The idea of Adverse Reactions – Psychotropic Medication and Mass Public Shootings is thoroughly debunked by big pharma and its paid minion associates: The establishment news outlets and “experts” who have PhD degrees and everything. This is what most of the public sees so when others report that there is evidence of a connection to mass shootings, these reporters are discredited. Often the cancel culture screams that these people are disinformation artists. Well, they are not. They are sending an important warning about psychotropic drugs.

With millions of Americans being prescribed psychiatric drugs, it’s apparent not everyone will experience violent reactions to the drugs, besides which, violence is only one of many documented side effects of psychiatric drugs. But what the drug regulatory agency warnings confirm is that a percentage of the population will. And no one knows who will be next.

The New York State Senate recognized the lack of reporting correlating mind-altering psychiatric drugs to both suicide and violence as far back as 2000, when the senate introduced a bill which would “require police to report to the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), certain crimes and suicides committed by persons using psychotropic drugs,” citing “a large body of scientific research establishing a connection between violence and suicide and the use of psychotropic drugs.”

Unfortunately that bill stalled out in the finance committee, yet if that bill had passed, a reporting system would be in place to determine the extent to which violence is committed by those under the influence of mind-altering prescribed drugs.

A cursory review of the 27 international drug regulatory warnings, the tens of thousands of cases of medical personnel citing psychiatric drug side effects of homicide, aggression, violence, mania and psychosis, and the 65 high profile acts of senseless violence committed by individuals either taking or withdrawing from these drugs, more than meets the criteria for a federal investigation.

A Brief History of Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed to Mass Murderers shows that most of the users of psychotropic drugs do not have the potential to be mass murderers; yet all of the mass murderers listed here had been prescribed one or more psychotropic drug. However, the number of people who could potentially experience one or more adverse side effects was shocking! In some cases only one in 1,000 people experience adverse side effects, but if the drug were prescribed to 19 million people, literally thousands of people could experience adverse side effects.

Mass Shootings and the Psychiatric Drug Connection – The Involvement of the CIA’s MKULTRA Mind Control Program by Jon Rappaport:

With mass shootings breaking out across America, the psychiatric drug connection is being ignored.

Instead, we’re now supposed to believe every shooting is politically motivated, or simply committed by “crazy” persons.

There are many reasons why people commit these horrific crimes.

20 years ago, the public began to wake up and realize a number of psychiatric drugs were pushing people over the edge into homicidal and suicidal violence.

One of the shooters in the tragic Columbine school murders was on an antidepressant known to have such horrendous effects.

Eventually, though, press reports on mass shooters were wiped clean of any hint that these drugs might be involved. Naturally, pharmaceutical advertisers didn’t want their products indicted in murder.

Actually, 10 years before Columbine, many press reports mentioned the then-new antidepressants in connection with violence and murder. Why? Because lawsuits, on that very issue, were piling up.

I know all this history. I reported on it.

In 2022, with nations divided and polarized on so many political and social issues, people assume most of these mass shootings are expressions of political and social rage and nothing else.

Forgetting about the psychiatric drugs, which are prescribed and used in greater numbers than ever before, is a terrible mistake.

In the podcast, I’ll present the evidence, with examples, that psychiatric drugs HAVE caused, and DO cause, people to commit murder, as well as suicide and self-harm. And yes, we could be talking about mass shootings we’re now seeing.

I’ll also describe how the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control program widened its goals, in an attempt to find drugs that could destabilize entire nations. “Coincidentally,” psychiatry turned out to be exactly what the MKULTRA leaders were hoping for.

And finally, I’ll discuss the contention that some of these shootings are staged, using disoriented and/or mind controlled dupes to carry out mass murder. I’ll break down various meanings of “staged.” And offer my best estimate of the truth.

Listen to this explosive podcast (part-1 here; and part-2 here).

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