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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

These are the people who run the western mental health system – the psychiatric high priests of mental health.

It is no mistake you are reading this. Many of you have in one way or another had your lives traumatized by someone suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Confused, frightened and desperate you turned to our big pharma controlled mental health system where you encountered our so called “experts” before being sucked into a cold, ineffective, money sucking, drug fueled merry go round. Ruling over this system is the psychiatric mafia who have graduated from a brainwashing by the big pharma controlled educational system where psychiatric students are taught that their future patients are nothing more than spiritless biological machines with broken brains. These high priests of psychiatry ruled over and supported by the deep pocketed pharmaceutical industry function as drug dispensaries for some of the most dangerous drugs utilized in medicine today. These toxic drugs cure absolutely nothing. Nor do they appear to want any mental health cures. They don't make money on cures. They make a fortune on selling toxic drugs and office appointments. The drugs they utilize merely temporarily suppress symptoms. In effect these toxic anti-psychotic drugs are major tranquilizers that effectively dumb down the patient. With long term use they shrink the patient's brain and rot out their peripheral nervous systems. When the neurological damage begins to show up from these neuroleptic drugs, the high priests of mental health prescribe another drug such as Cogentin which masks the symptoms of neurological damage while they continue to prescribe their toxic anti-psychotic drugs. So much for the Hippocratic oath. Big pharma and the psychiatric mafia have brainwashed the public into believing that the only treatment for any mental illness is some big pharma produced drug. Collectively big pharma and the psychiatric mafia are making over 400 Billion dollars a year world wide on the sale of these drugs treating the human mind as a broken machine and fixing nothing. The fact that humans are spiritual beings is totally ignored.

I’ve worked in this drug fueled merry-go-round of a mental health system for almost forty years in virtually every capacity and it’s an absolute meat grinder. Anti-psychiatric drugs are used to control and dumb down entire mental health populations. In massive numbers this drug fueled system is further damaging those already suffering spiritual and emotional trauma and nowhere is this as clear as with the way they treat schizophrenics.

What the psychiatric mafia wants to obscure from is the fact that not only do they have no cure for schizophrenia and other mental health problems but case of paranoid but they do not know its cause nor will they ever get one while believing there must be some physical cause. Unable to find an actual cause for schizophrenia they began fabricating physical causes and fed these falsities into the big pharma propaganda machine. The end result was a successful propaganda campaign which convinced the public that they actually knew the cause of schizophrenia and the only valid treatment is their toxic drugs. In order to pull this off they had to prevent the public from being able to verify their false causes on their own. In short, with all their psychobabble reports and manipulated statistical reports they blindsided both doctors and the public with their made up genetic defect theory. One of their first wide spread fabricated propaganda tactics to convince the public they were helpless over schizophrenia was to proffer the cause of schizophrenia as as being due to a genetic disorder that the public could neither research on their own or do anything about. By doing so they removed any means for the general public to verify the falsity of their propaganda. Few of us have a genetics lab in our basement. The truth could now only be verified by controlled genetic researchers in high tech labs inaccessible to the general public. Big pharma controlled labs and educational institutions which were paid off by big pharma to proliferate this lie which was then fed to medical schools and journals and taught as fact. Until this was solidly disproved, they continued to line their pockets with the sale of their expensive drugs insisting there was no other treatment. "Trust us" they say. The problem they ran into was that they didn't control all genetic research labs and it eventually was proven that no genetic abnormality caused schizophrenia after decades of deception and controversey.

After the failure of their fabricated genetic cause for schizophrenia they needed another deception to con the public into believing in a different physical cause which their drugs could impact. Again it was another falsity that the public could not verify for themselves. This latest deception happened with the release of the antidepressant, Prozac. One big pharma company came up with the false chemical imbalance theory of schizophrenia to explain why their drugs worked. They knew it was false at the time but went with it anyhow. Despite the fact that their anti-depressants barely worked better than a placebo, they appeared to reason that since their anti-psychotic drugs were chemicals and since those chemicals temporarily suppressed psychotic behavior, their drugs some how magically balanced a mysterious chemical imbalance in the brains of the mentally ill. A lack of proof didn't phase big pharma nor the psychiatric mafia many of which were indoctrinated with this belief by the big pharma controlled universities and the huge grants afforded them to teach this deception.. With the release of Prozac, the deep pocketed pharmaceutical industry initiated yet another propaganda campaign to promote their chemical imbalance theory. Once again they pulled the wool over the eyes of the public to promote the sale of their drugs. The big pharma controlled medical schools began teaching that the cause of schizophrenia and other mental illness was a mysterious chemical imbalance in the brain of mental health patients. They had no proof but that didn't matter to them. Brainwashing the public into believing in another physical cause for schizophrenia and other mental illnesses was necessary to maintain their massive profits. Once again they failed due to honest researchers not under big pharma their who exposed their chemical imbalance propaganda as nonsense. Not only did these researchers not find any chemical imbalance in the brains of the mentally ill but the fact emerged that big pharma, the psychiatric mafia and the ivory tower had absolutely no idea of what the chemical balance of the brain was or even should be. When this was exposed big pharma panicked then changed the wording of their drug advertisements to "It is believed that the cause of schizophrenia (and other mental illnesses) is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain of the patient. The fact is it has been proven that there is no chemical imbalance in the brains of the mentally ill and that none of their psychotropic drugs have resulted in a permanent cure of any mental illness. These dangerous drugs merely temporarily suppress psychiatric symptoms which return quickly when these drugs are stopped.

The next major crisis the psychiatric mafia and their big pharma handlers ran into was the fact that scores of autopsies done on schizophrenics who had been taking big pharma's anti-psychotic drugs were found to have significantly shrunken brains. Big pharma went nuts denying everything and blaming schizophrenia itself as the cause. They began to worry that they would be facing massive law suits for the damage they were causing these patients. Once again honest researchers came to the rescue feeding these very same anti-psychotic drugs to rats and monkeys and verified that the brains of these animals also shrunk with long term use of these same anti-psychotic drugs. Of course big pharma did everything possible to obscure these findings.

The bottom line is that the anti-psychotic drugs being used by the psychiatric mafia today are some of the most dangerous drugs utilized in medicine today and they cure nothing. Big pharma and and their psychiatrist drug pushers have created an extremely expensive revolving door mental health system which brings them massive profits and in many cases does their patients more harm than good. Again none of these drugs cure anything but merely suppress psychiatric symptoms. Anti-psychotic drugs are so pregnant with awful side effects that almost all psychotic patients can't tolerate them for an extended period of time. As a result almost all of them eventually stop taking these drugs and the compliance rate is awful. Once off these side effect laden drugs their psychotic symptoms return and they are again brought back into the mental health system, often hospitalized and given another course of toxic neuroleptic drugs proven to destroy their nervous systems. The patient stays dumbed down until they once again can't tolerate the side effects and quit taking them againand the mental health merry-go-round spins another cycle. Each revolution revolution extracting thousands of dollars from those least able to afford it and increases taxes and insurance for us all. Again, Nothing is cured and big pharma and the psychiatric mafia are lining their pockets with every cycle of the merry-go-round spins.

Most of the cabal running this system are aware they are slowly poisoning millions of people including tens of thousands of children with these dangerous toxic drugs, drugs which cause permanent neurological damage. Perhaps this is why the suicide rate of psychiatrists is almost as high as that of the most debilitated of populations, the schizophrenics.

The name of the game is power, money and control.

Who manages this diabolical merry go round? Well, talk about a silent conspiracy. Looking deeper the puppeteers behind the scenes controlling this insane mental health system are big pharma, big pharma controlled medical schools, the psychiatric mafia and the insurance companies. Drug companies manufacturing anti-psychotic drugs are charging U.S. patients much higher prices for these drugs than virtually any other industrialized nation on the planet. They have gotten away with this as an estimated two thirds of both congress and the senate have taken money from pharmaceutical lobbyists contributing to the astronomical medical costs in the U.S. The insurance companies struggling to keep costs down while making a profit for themselves determine which of these toxic drugs they will pay for and who they will pay for distributing them. Psychiatrists are their AMA approved dispensaries eligible for insurance funding. Each is certified by a five year brainwashing, which still teaches the that mental illness is a mysterious biological short circuit of some kind that must have something to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain. These Ivory Tower pedigreed products are guaranteed to be programmed with the firm belief that all humans are biological machines and that all illness including mental illness results from a biological/physiological cause. Stamped upon each of their copies is the label, "Programmed to believe a spiritual crisis must be treated with neurotoxic drugs. AMA approved. Each one was dubbed high priest of psychiatry with a deep state stamp of approval and guaranteed not to look into any spiritual cause of mental illness and programed to believe that any condition can be treated with some kind of psychiatric drug. After four or five years of intense brain washing these people are given a certificate and placed over virtually all mental health systems in the western world.

With the help of big pharma, their academic puppets and the AMA psychiatry has manipulated and propagandized itself into the high priest position of mental health in the western world. They have deluded themselves and others into believing that schizophrenia is some kind of physical a “disease that can be treated with drugs.” However, unlike virtually all other diseases schizophrenia does not fit the classic definition as a condition that is objectively measurable as are other diseases. The high priests of psychiatry literally have no idea what they are treating.

So how did this happen? To answer that question we need to look back a few years to when the cabal first took over the medical system. Back at the turn of the century many different treatment modalities flourished at the turn of the century were destroyed or driven into oblivion and replaced by Cabal approved drones? Nobody tells this story better than Jason Quitt in his book “Forbidden Knowledge.”

“In 1910, the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller Group sponsored the infamous Flexner Report, which shut down any medical school teaching subjects outside of mainstream pharmacology.

“The edict was so powerful that only a few medical schools survived such as John Hopkins and McGill and a handful of others connected with these groups. They were the only schools tat could legally license doctors.

“Doctors who used any method of treatment besides pharmacology were threatened with a loss of their medical license. This is essentially how today’s doctors lost their freedom to prescribe alternative therapies including Tesla's Violet ray.”

“To further discredit Tesla’s medicine and his devices, the medical establishment started to describe the devices as “Quack Devices.”

“This term stuck. It became synonymous with discrediting any practitioner or device that used methods outside of mainstream pharmacology. If a doctor was caught using these devices or promoting them they were threatened with the loss of their medical license and labeled a Quack Doctor.”

“By the 1930’s all of these devices were subsequently banned by the FDA. Today very few people have heard of them. It was at this time that the cabal took control of American medicine. This has all been swept under the rug. They have been buying off government officials, charging outrageous prices for all drugs and we’ve been dealing with astronomical drug prices and a lame mental health system ever since.

For many decades the big pharma cabal has been fabricating and altering research in an attempt to propagandize the public into believing schizophrenia is a disease despite the fact they have found NO physical cause NONE. They do not know its cause; they don’t have a cure nor are they seriously looking for one as big pharma are making some 4.7 Billion dollars a year on the sale of their neurotoxic anti-psychotic drugs which cause permanent neurological damage in up to 50% of patients who use them on an extended basis.

Despite knowing this, they continue to refuse to listen to their patients, insist schizophrenics are hallucinating due to a broken brain and declare that they must take these toxic medications for the rest of their lives. Their focus is on suppressing symptoms, issuing chemical lobotomies and maintaining control rather than trying to figure out what is going on in the minds of these individuals.

After more than four decades of working closely with hundreds of schizophrenics in some of the criminally insane in some of the most dangerous institutions in the country, I’m here to tell you clearly "The Psychiatric Emporer has no clothes.” There is not a doubt in my mind that schizophrenia is a spiritual crisis that cannot be fixed with toxic psychiatric drugs.

For much more detailed information on what the psychiatric mafia and the big pharma cabal have done to the people on this planet see the book "Toxic Psychiatry" by John Breggin. It will verify everything said above am much more of the deception taking place in our mental health systems

Jerry Marzinsky, B.A. M.Ed.

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1 Comment

Feb 12

Dear Jerry, thank you for speaking out about this. I wish more would do the same. I'm praying right beside you and hope everyone of us wakes up sooner rather than later.

Stand well.

Stand Strong.

Stand in the fear of our Almighty Triune God.

Love Never Fails.

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