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Interview with Jerry Marzinsky

On Negative Entities


If you thought that Unassisted Childbirth was polarizing, then buckle up.

The mind is like an umbrella, it only works when it is open.

I first came across Jerry Marzinsky when reading 180 Degrees by Feargus O’Connor Greenwood.

Marzinsky is mentioned for the first time towards the very end, the more controversial part, of the book.

Here is Greenwood:

Certainly books such as Thirty Years Amongst The Dead by Carl Wickland are worth revisiting at this point. As is the more modern work in this field undertaken by Jerry Marzinsky - a licensed psychotherapist with 35 years of experience. If his findings are accurate, and the evidence suggests they probably are, then it would mean the complete re-evaluation of conventional psychotherapy and healthcare (along with just about everything else)."When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." - Max Planck, recipient of the 1918 Nobel Prize in PhysicsMarzinsky, initially an utter sceptic, took decades of hits to his instilled belief system before his curiosity and methodical interactions finally forced him to do a 180-degree turn in his thinking. He is now convinced there is too much cohesive data coming from a multitude of his patients, in various geographical locations, for it all to be put down as coincidence and hallucination. He says it is stranger than fiction and akin to watching a vampire movie."If I hadn't experienced it myself- I wouldn't even believe it." - Jerry Marzinsky--I now politely suggest you listen to one of the many interviews that Marzinsky has given since his retirement (for example, with Richard Cox from the Deep State Consciousness Channel) or read his book." Then make up your own mind. That is probably going to connect a whole series of dots for you.

My curiosity led me to contact Jerry, and I’m very grateful that he agreed to this interview.

I wanted to hear it in his own words, and to give you the opportunity to do the same, and, as Greenwood said, make up your own minds.

With thanks to Jerry Marzinsky.


Jerry Marzinsky BA M.Ed.— Jerry is a retired licensed psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience working with and studying the thought processes of psychotic and criminally insane patients in some of the most volatile psychiatric institutions in the nation. Jerry is a commercial pilot, certified SCUBA diver and long distance motorcyclist. He has held the positions of 2nd Lt. in the Arizona Civil Air Patrol and Assistant Scout Master. He was awarded the state of Arizona’s meritorious service award and the Pima College Apple award of teaching Abnormal Psychology. His formal academic training comprises a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Georgia, and two years of study in a Ph.D. Psychology program. He is the co-author of An Amazing Journey Into The Psychotic Mind - Breaking The Spell Of the Ivory Tower and currently has a private practice in Arizona.


1. Jerry, can you please share a bit about your background and the journey that led you to focus your work on the phenomenon of non-physical entities interfering in people's lives?

One thing I found very odd while studying abnormal psychology in undergraduate school was the fact that the abnormal psych text book did not list any causes for the hundreds of psychological disorders listed. They were merely detailed descriptions of hundreds of psychological disorders. The only explanation I found was that many of these disorders were attributed to a biochemical imbalance in the brain. Like many others, I believed this and I could not conceive of the fact that the universities had been taken over by big pharma and could have been teaching lies. I did not suspect this until after I finished graduate school and went to work in one of the largest state psychiatric hospitals on the planet.

It was while working at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia that I first noticed an anomaly to what I was taught. I never, ever saw any psychiatrist give any kind of lab test or blood work or any other kind of medical test to determine what chemicals in the brains of mental patients might be out of balance or by how much. The fact that psychiatry was consistently prescribing drugs for mental patients without having any kind of base line to determine what chemicals were out of balance in the brain of mental patients or by how much struck me as odd. I finally asked one of the psychiatrists about not having a baseline of what was out of balance or by how much. His response shocked me. He retorted that the drug companies had somehow figured all that out. This was akin to allowing the fox to have unrestricted access to the hen house.

Psychiatry’s response to my baseline question left me suspicious and I decided to dig a little deeper into the issue. Not only did I find that no test was in existence that could determine which of the some 23 neurotransmitters in the brain were out of balance by how much, but they didn’t even know what the chemical balance of the brain should be. The biochemical imbalance theory that is being pushed by big pharma and currently being taught in the universities was a sham. To understand the magnitude of this scam we need to go back a few years to when it started.

In 1910 the Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefeller group paid off Congress to pass the infamous Flexner Report which shut down any medical school teaching subjects outside of mainstream pharmacology. The edict was so powerful that only a few medical schools survived such as John Hopkins and McGill and a hand full of others connected with these groups. They were the only schools who could legally license. Doctors who practiced any method beside pharmacology were threatened with the loss of their license. Any other form of treatment outside of pharmacology was deemed quackery. It was in 1910 that big pharma had taken over the medical schools not for the benefit of the people but for their own greedy purposes.

Their fake biochemical imbalance edict helped them sell billions of dollars of drugs that supposedly somehow corrected this fake chemical imbalance that supposedly caused mental illness. After more than 20 years of being told a chemical imbalance in the brain causes mental illness, such as anxiety disorder and depression, the theory was finally put to rest when Dr. Ronald Pies, the editor in chief emeritus of the psychiatric times where he stated in the July 11th, 2011 issue of the times: “I don’t believe I have ever heard a knowledgeable, well-trained psychiatrist make such a preposterous claim (that mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain), except perhaps to mock it…in truth, the chemical imbalance notion was always a kind of urban legend-never a theory seriously propounded by well-informed psychiatrists.”

What this in effect means is that the medical education system in the United States was taken over by the Rockefellers and the pharmaceutical industry in 1910 and big pharma is still in control of these institutions today. They still have one of the largest lobbies in congress that pressure congress to pass laws that benefit their industry not the people of this country.

In the late1980’s, big pharma struck again. After the release of the landmark antidepressant Prozac, the idea of mental illness being caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain hit the psychiatric mainstream. As the psychiatrist Peter Breggin (1991) points out in his book Toxic Psychiatry, the drug company Eli Lilly advanced the chemical imbalance theory as a marketing scheme to sell their new drug Prozac. There was no demonstrable evidence that depressed patients had any such imbalance, but Lilly ran with it. Before long, psychiatrists and psychiatric patients alike came to identify with the idea that mental disorders are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. The drug companies pushed this falsity to help them sell drugs for close to 20 years before researchers caught up with them proving that there was no chemical imbalance in the brain that caused mental illness. This completely explained why I never saw a psychiatrist give any kind of objective test to measure what chemicals in the brain were out of balance or by how much. It was all a lie.

But that wasn’t the last of their deceptions that block a path to finding out what mental illness really was.

Another of their deceptions is psychiatry’s bible, the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. This is a very impressive, official looking thick book outlining hundreds of mental disorders. It is written up in categories and sub categories with a complex numbering system and a fancy title containing almost 300 different mental disorders all systematically ordered. None of these categories says anything about how to cure these disorders or what causes them. This is the bible of psychology, psychiatry and the insurance companies. It is taught as fact to students studying psychology and psychology in our universities and costs a small fortune. What they do not tell these students is that their DSM bible is a complete work of fiction. There is no lab work or a single objective test that can objectively identify any of the almost 300 mental disorders in this diagnostic and statistical manual. Every single one of the more than 296 psychiatric disorders in the DSM V and later has been completely made up by a group of psychiatrists. The list of fabricated mental disorders is increasing with each new edition. In 1952 the DSM-1 listed 106 psychiatric disorders. In 1980 the DSM listed 256 psychiatric disorders. Currently the DSM V contains 297 psychiatric disorders, all of them made up by a group of psychiatrists two thirds of which have close ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Psychiatrist Jon Rappaport reported that “Every mental disorder in the DSM “is defined by a list of behavioral symptoms that committees of psychiatrists have debated and decided which clusters of symptoms add up to which labels of mental disorders.” Not one of these 297 mental disorders has a defining diagnostic lab test, not one. “There are no blood tests. There are no lab tests, no x-rays, no EEG’s or any other type of objective tests to verify a single one of these diagnoses. These diagnoses are just classes of behaviors that a group of psychiatrists have voted to be mental disorders” Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.

To see how out of control these people have gotten, I’d like to present a few of the diagnoses contained in the DSM V.

  • Mathematics disorder: If you don’t like math, your disordered.

  • Caffeine intoxication disorder: If you drink too much coffee, you are psychiatrically disordered.

  • Sibling relational disorder: If your kids fight with one another, they are also disordered.

  • Sexual Orientation Disturbance: Homosexuality.

  • Florence Syndrome: Being overwhelmed by beauty-such as in Florence Italy. Symptoms consist of fainting and dizziness. Suggested treatment is anti-depressant medications.

  • Paris Syndrome: Effects mostly Japanese visiting France. Symptoms include depression, anxiety and feelings of persecution. (This used to be called cultural shock.)

One of the most important functions of the DSM is to allow providers to give diagnoses to insurance companies to charge for consultations.

In order to gain access to the true cause of mental illness all of this garbage had to be examined and discounted to clear the path. The mainstream establishment is still perpetuating these misconceptions in our institutions and through advertisements.

The Nature of Negative Entities

2. In your experience, what are the key characteristics of these negative entities that plague individuals?

After interviewing hundreds of paranoid schizophrenic patients in many different institutions over more than four decades a list of the key characteristics of the “voices” schizophrenics hear has been compiled. These voices are not word salad. They speak in complete sentences and are very destructive. They all follow the patterns listed below. The voices patients told me about at the psychiatric hospital in Georgia run the same patterns as schizophrenic patients heard in the Arizona state prison. And now after working with people throughout the western world, the voices all run these same patterns. What is significant about these patterns is that hallucinations do not run patterns. These findings fly in the face of the psychiatric mafia and big pharma which without any research into the voices at all have declared that they are auditory hallucinations. Again, they have no research to back this. And once again, if the voices run patterns, they cannot be hallucinations. Hallucinations do not run patterns.


What do the voices schizophrenics hear actually tell them? In eight years of higher education in psychology and counseling there was not a single thing about this topic in any of my college texts. The voices were merely described as hallucinations. When I thought about hallucinations the concept of an unintelligible word salad came to mind. However when I started work at what might well have been the largest psychiatric hospital on the planet, Central State in Georgia, surprisingly that was not what I saw. Schizophrenic patients were walking around carrying on coherent conversations with whatever their voices were at times breaking out into full-fledged arguments with them. Most of the time they appeared to be carrying on a relatively normal back and forth interaction that could have passed for a telephone conversation but for the fact that there was no telephone and no discernable second party.

It didn’t take long to figure out that there was a strong correlation between patients who were hearing voices and disruptive, violent self-destructive behavior. I remember having asked one such patient hearing voices why he had cut off his penis with a razor blade. His answer was simply, “I didn’t need it.” Where did the thought to commit such an act come from? Who or what were these patients talking to that could provoke them into such behavior.

It took close to a year to even begin to get answers to some of my questions about the voices from some of these patients. There was good reason for this. Many had lost friends. Most had been dragged into the offices of psychiatrists and coerced to take major tranquilizers that turned them into semi-zombies. Others had been dragged off to the state hospital where most of the staff were paid snitches for psychiatrists who would often drug them senseless at the first sign of trouble. As it turned out there was a good reason for their hesitancy. Any patient that talked about or complained too much about their voices found themselves in a psychiatrist office being prescribed more toxic, mind numbing medications. Once they figured out what was going on, many of them denied hearing voices to staff and kept the severity of their voices to themselves. There was yet another factor that would take several more years before I learned of it. The voices themselves would tell many patients if they told staff about them they would be locked down and further drugged, which wasn’t far from the truth.

Although I was aware that many patients were hearing voices, I had little idea to begin with what the voices were telling these patients so I began asking some of the more seasoned staff at the hospital. There were startlingly few answers. Virtually all of them regurgitated what they had been taught in the colleges and universities. I did not know at that time, and I doubt that many other staff knew, that the Rockefeller group and the Carnegie foundation had taken over the medical schools in 1910 to make sure they were teaching subjects that would be profitable to their personal enterprises. They did this with the Flexner Report which no doubt they lobbied heavily for and pushed through Congress and into law. This edict shut down any medical school teaching subjects outside of mainstream pharmacology. In short, they were mandating that virtually all illnesses outside of surgery to be treated with some kind of drug which would make the Rockefellers and big pharma much richer. This set the stage for treating virtually all physical illnesses with physical drugs. While this worked for many physical diseases, psychiatry was not dealing with a physical disease and none of their treatments were getting at the cause of or curing any mental disorder. These drugs were merely damping down psychiatric symptoms at times with some of the most dangerous drugs utilized in medicine. They were aimed at tamping down troublesome physical behaviors which were triggered by the original cause, thoughts which were acted upon to trigger these troublesome behaviors. Tackling the question of where these disruptive and dangerous thoughts came from in the first place was too big a question for them to deal with so they merely turned their back on it. After all, you can’t see, measure, weigh or dissect a thought so what would they have to work with. Better to ignore the question and that is exactly what the medical schools, universities, psychiatry and psychology did. They avoided this question like the plague. At the same time they were avoiding the only path that would lead to the cause and cure for paranoid schizophrenia, which the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared one of the top ten health problems on the planet, lies in the answer to this question. Instead of studying the disordered thought processes which drove paranoid schizophrenia they found it much more convenient to declare, without a single study into the matter, that these disordered thoughts were hallucinations that could only be treated with powerful tranquilizers which turned them into semi zombies. None of these drugs did anything to get at the thought processes that drove schizophrenia and they did nothing to cure it but dumbed down psychotic patients didn’t cause staff or family as many problems as dumped down patients. But they had no cure, nobody was getting better. Despite this they needed to appear like they knew what they were doing. The advent of anti-psychotic drugs helped them over this dilemma for a while.

For the first ten years after phenothiazines came out after being discovered in a dye lab in Germany and extracted by a French pharmaceutical firm nobody knew how or why they worked. When psychiatry found that they could drug down entire psychiatric populations with these drugs they jumped on them with both feet pronouncing they were the experts in the use of these drugs and that general practitioners should stay out of their business. They drugged down the physical bodies of mental patients which made them much more docile and easier to manage which allowed hospitals to manage large populations with less staff making psychiatrists hero’s in the eyes of administration but despite this there was one small problem. Nobody was being cured by psychiatrists or their drugs. Once again they had an optics problem. They did not know the cause of schizophrenia; they had no cure for it and they refused to look into the thought processes of these people to try to learn what the root cause of their mental disorder was. It was much easier to merely pronounce by the power invested in them that the voices were hallucinations and insist that there was no other means of treatment than their powerful, toxic tranquilizers attempting to treat the body as a machine much the same as medical doctors. They didn’t comprehend that they were playing in a different universe with different rules so the kept doing the same thing over and over again with nobody being cured. They didn’t comprehend that they were dealing with spiritual beings that were subject to spiritual maladies. They were treating psychiatric symptoms as if they were physical symptoms never getting at the root cause of mental illness but merely treating symptoms. They ignored the fact that the physical behaviors they were treating were being generated by thought despite the fact that they labeled schizophrenia a “thought disorder” they completely ignored thought as a root cause. It seems that they didn’t comprehend that thought is the root cause of most behavior.

Dealing with the nature of thought was too much for them. Psychology pulled out and despite that psyche means spirit and psychology means the study of spirit, they found the nature of spirit too murky and turned to study behavior again ignoring the fact that most behavior is triggered by thought. No one has ever pulled a thought out of someone’s brain and laid it on a lab bench for study. Thoughts, feelings, intent and intuition are not physical, they are energetic. Schizophrenia is a thought disorder and thoughts are non-physical. You can’t get rid of with physical drugs. Most schizophrenics report that despite being heavily drugged they still hear the psychotic voices which continue to torment them which often are taken by many schizophrenics to be their own thoughts.

When it comes to schizophrenia, they have labeled it a thought disorder, blamed it on some mysterious physical cause that they pretend to understand but never once have they undertaken to study the thought processes of the schizophrenic patient. That fell upon me. They simply declared without any research whatsoever that schizophrenics were delusional and hallucinating which translates to we don’t know what in the blazes is going on with these people so we drug them senseless to prevent them from causing too many problems.

We are taught from birth that all thoughts we experience belong to us. This assumption is not true and you’ve experienced this for yourself at times. Have you ever been walking around minding your own business when a horrific thought assaulted your awareness with an urge to do something that you would never normally do? Many have experienced this while driving a car when a thought to drive into oncoming traffic flashes through their mind. Others experience this when standing looking over a high bridge when a thought to jump barges in or a thought to assault another. All of these thoughts have a shock effect and none of them are anything you would ever act upon. In short they do not belong to you. You intuitively know that they don’t belong to you and you are startled to ever have thought them. They simply are not a part of your normal thought processes. If they lasted long enough psychiatry would no doubt pronounce you delusional and pump you full of drugs.

Psychiatry, the medical establishment, and big pharma have proclaimed that the most significant symptom of paranoid schizophrenia, the voices these individuals hear, are unreal hallucinations. They assume this without having done a single scientific study or even a survey to substantiate their position. Any patient who attempts to inform them otherwise is labeled insane and drugged semi-conscious with some of the most dangerous drugs used in medicine today. Few psychiatrists take the time to fully inform their patients of the deleterious side effects of these drugs or the fact that almost 60% of people placed on these neuroleptic drugs for an extended period will suffer irreversible neurological and permanent brain damage.

After studying the voices schizophrenics experience in a number of different psychiatric settings over more than 35 years, and interviewing hundreds of schizophrenics, it has become clear that these voices are not random or meaningless word salad. They speak in full coherent sentences with an intent that is inconsistent with that of their victim. Unlike all other hallucinations, the psychotic voices run a series of unswerving, predictable, and repeatable patterns which are inconsistent with the definition of a hallucination.

These patterns will become self-evident to anyone willing to set aside the establishment’s propaganda and take the time to speak to and listen to what schizophrenics have to say about the voices they experience. These destructive patterns appear to be universal. It's as if they were all made from the same cookie-cutter. The messages the voices impart to their victims are the same for the patients I worked with at a large state hospital in Georgia as they were in a different psychiatric setting some 2500 miles away in Arizona. The following is a listing of the common patterns these voices run. Any phenomena that run predictable, repeatable patterns ARE NOT HALLUCINATIONS. Hallucinations are random; they do not run fixed, unyielding patterns. The question is what is the force that confines, directs, and holds these voices to this series of destructive patterns?

Below is a comprehensive list of the patterns that the voices schizophrenics hear repeatedly run. Anyone who works with paranoid schizophrenics or has one in their family can verify these patterns for themselves; all they have to do is look and see for themselves. Again, if these voices run persistent, repeatable patterns they cannot be hallucinations as the psychiatric mafia insists. The following is the operational definition of what psychiatry calls “auditory hallucinations.”


1. NEGATIVITY: The most common and consistent trait of schizophrenic voices is that they are consistently negative, derogatory, insulting, abusive, and destructive. Although they may seem to be positive helpers for short periods they invariably turn on their victims once they gain their trust and begin attacking and telling their victim awful things about themselves and others. What holds these voices on a consistently negative trajectory? Why aren’t they random like all other hallucinations?

2. ANTI-RELIGIOUS: The voices are consistently anti-religious. They resist their victim attending church, reading the Bible, or following any other positive spiritual path. They become volatile if the patient repeats the 23rd Psalm, the Lord’s Prayer, or other positive spiritual verses. One patient reported the voices reacted to the repetition of the 23rd Psalm like worms thrown onto a hot frying pan. Why would a “hallucination” consistently react in such a manner?

3. FOSTER AND CREATE NEGATIVE EMOTION: The voices consistently work toward the creation of a prolonged negative emotional state in their victims including anger, anxiety, paranoia, guilt, and shame. They do this through the insertion of negative thoughts about themselves and others into the thought stream of their victims or telling them to do things that will get them in trouble with others.

4. ENERGETICALLY DRAIN VICTIMS: After the voices attack, schizophrenics commonly report being severely energetically drained. After these attacks, victims report feeling as tired and lethargic as if they have been digging ditches in the hot sun all day. This is despite the fact that they had not done any significant physical work. Several patients reported they could feel their energy being drained during these attacks. This facet was found to be statistically significant using a 1 – 10 energy survey.

5. THEY GET LOUDER AFTER SUNSET: The voices consistently get louder and more prolonged after sunset becoming most intense between 3 am and 4 am in the morning.

6. THE VOICES GET LOUDER WHEN IGNORED: One of psychiatry’s common recommendations to their patients is to ignore the voices they hear. If they were to take the time to follow up with their own recommendations, their patients would make it clear that when any attempt is made to ignore the voices they get louder.

7. FOSTER SELF-DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: The voices consistently advise their victim to behave in self-destructive ways that increase conflict, turmoil, and suffering. They sabotage any positive movement on the part of the patient. The intent of the voices is very different from the intent of their victims for themselves.

8. FOSTER ISOLATION: One of their goals is to destroy marriages and positive relationships with friends and others. The ultimate aim of the voices is to get the victim to shut out all others and isolate themselves to eliminate any interference from others who attempt to help the victim. They isolate the victim by inserting negative, paranoid, and destructive thoughts into the individual's thought stream. These thoughts often consist of lies such as people are talking behind your back or plotting against you, or people are just pretending to care about you.

9. DEMAND THE ATTENTION OF VICTIMS: The voices constantly work toward controlling the attention of their victims to increase their control over the victim. They constantly maneuver in a myriad of ways to snag and command the attention of their victim then direct them to behave in a negative, self-defeating, destructive manner.

10. MANEUVER FOR INCREASED CONTROL OVER VICTIMS: The voices steadily battle for increasing control over the individual's mind and actions.

11. GASLIGHTING: The voices are capable of gas lighting, causing their victims to doubt their sanity through the use of psychological manipulation.

12. MANIPULATING PERCEPTION: The voices are capable of causing their victims to interpret situations and information coming in from the environment wrongly to increase negative emotion. For instance, a schizophrenic may see a police car drive by their house and the voices immediately jump in and tell the victim the police are searching for them for some fabricated up crime.

13. THEY HAVE COMPLETE ACCESS TO THE SCHIZOPHRENIC'S MEMORY: The voices have complete access to their victim’s entire memory. They utilize this ability to pull up every negative and guilt-ridden behavior the individual has ever experienced. They then rub these shameful behaviors in their faces to generate negative emotional energy on which they feed. Several patients have reported that their voices have dredged up negative things they had done decades prior and had long forgotten.

14. DEMAND THE VICTIM NOT TELL OTHERS ABOUT THEIR PRESENCE: The voices warn their victim not to speak to others about them or what they say to them, warning that if they do, others will think they are crazy and they will be shunned or locked up. If the victim has someone they trust who is willing to listen this dissipates the negative emotional state.

15. STUNNED BY SHOCK OF SNAPPING A RUBBER BAND ON WRIST: Once the voices increase in strength they dominate the thought stream of their victim, the victim must take action to disrupt this process. Putting a rubber band on the patient’s wrist and snapping it hard stuns the voices into a short temporary silence allowing space for the victim to repeat the 23rd Psalm or implement procedures designed to weaken and short-circuit the voices.

16. THE VOICES ARE CONSUMMATE LIARS AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO KEEP ANY BARGAIN MADE WITH THEIR VICTIM: They are masters of deceit, lies, and deception. For example, they told one psychiatric patient they had been incessantly tormenting that if he poked out an eye they would leave forever. After he had poked out an eye and disfigured himself for life they returned to laugh at him for being so stupid as to trust them. The voices will use a constant stream of deceptive and upsetting lies to manipulate the perception of their victim in a negative manner to generate negative emotional energy.

17. THE VOICES CONSISTENTLY STEER THEIR VICTIM AWAY FROM ANYTHING THAT MIGHT GENERATE JOY: They drive the victim away from any positive activity that might make them feel good about themselves. They will make the victim forget good memories and concentrate on bad ones.

18. THE VOICES CAN MANIPULATE FEELING WITHOUT SPEAKING: The voices can move in and make the victim feel bad without any noticeable cause. If they can prolong this negative state it darkens the victim’s world and incites negative thinking.

19. SHORT CIRCUITING OF REASON: The voices short circuit reason by urging a negative knee-jerk reaction to stressors or perceived slights often seriously damaging relationships. The voices jump on and take advantage of anything that goes wrong in the victim’s life to feed and inflame the situation to keep their victim focused on the negative situation.

20. BOREDOM IS BAD: If victims allow themselves to become bored, the voices will quickly move in, fill the void and destructively dominate their victim’s thought processes.

21. THE VOICES TRY TO PASS THEMSELVES OFF AS THOUGHTS BELONGING TO THE VICTIM: The voices disguise themselves as their victim’s thoughts making it difficult to identify them as an enemy. They often sound just like the thousands of thoughts that appear in the patient’s mind daily but their intent is to drive their victim in a negative direction. Many patients have asked their voices, “Who are you?” The response given is always the same: “We are you.” One of the most effective ways of ferreting out which thoughts are the victims from those inserted by the voices is for the victim to ferret out their personal intent from that of the voices. The intent of the patient for themselves is significantly different and often more positive than the intent of their voices.

22. SELECTIVE FORGETTING: The voices divert their victim’s attention away from any therapeutic activity designed to oppose and weaken the voices including forgetting to take their medications and keeping appointments.

23. FILL THE VICTIMS MIND WITH NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ABOUT SELF AND OTHERS: The voices will cause the victim to be drawn to violent movies, horror movies, murder mysteries, pornography, etc.

24. DESTRUCTION OF POSITIVE SELF CONCEPT: The voices consistently attempt to convince their victims that they are stupid, ugly, worthless, unlovable, a burden on others and that everyone would be better off if they were not around. If they succeed in this they will often move on to telling the victim to do everyone a favor and kill themselves. Schizophrenics have a suicide rate three to five times that of the general population.

25. ATTEMPT TO PULL THEIR VICTIM AWAY FROM CONSENSUAL REALITY: The voices constantly attempt to pull their victim away from consensual reality and into their negative hellish world of lies and deception. They will warp and distort the victim’s perception causing the victim to interpret situations in the most negative manner possible.

26. USE CONFUSION AS A MEANS OF INSTILLING NEGATIVE SUGGESTIONS. It can clearly be seen that the voices take advantage of the confusion to instill negative suggestions. The victim begins doubting his own ability to interpret reality. The voices are more than willing to insert theirs. The victim doesn’t like confusion and would rather latch onto the misguided information provided by the voices.

27. AVERSION TO ANYTHING POSITIVE OR BEAUTIFUL: The voices have a distinct aversion to anything positive or beautiful and drive the victim away from joy or any positive endeavor by distraction. They do not want their victim to enjoy life.





Don’t take our word for it, check this out for yourself. Notice how similar these thoughts are to all of us, albeit to a much lesser degree.

3. How do these entities typically gain access to a person's energy and thoughts?

These negative entities are around us all the time. They don’t just hit schizophrenics, they hit us all inserting negative, destructive ideas into our thought streams and urging us to act on them. Everyone has had shocking intrusive thoughts telling them to do something they would never voluntarily do. I’ve talked to people who were standing on a high bridge looking down at the water when they had a thought to jump. Others report having a thought while driving telling them to pull over to oncoming traffic. Others were told to assault someone. These are all thoughts that most people are shocked to even have enter into their minds, things most of us would never act upon, but not all. Virtually every one of the almost 50,000 people who commit suicide in the U.S. every year has a voice in their head telling them to kill themselves which they believe to be their own voice.

These negative entities have access to our minds as like our spirit, feelings, thoughts and memories these entities are energy. They are not physical entities. They are capable of inserting negative, destructive thoughts into our thought streams. These inserted thoughts for the most part are not discernable from the thousands of other thoughts that run through our minds on a given day other than from their content and intent. The thoughts that come in from these negative entities are consistently negative, upsetting and destructive. The often consist of negative thoughts about oneself or others. For the most part there is no difference in tone or volume to these negative thoughts that would identify them from other thoughts. What is so dangerous about this is that because we experience thoughts in our heads we falsely believe that all thoughts we experience belong to us. This is a very dangerous notion. Nobody has ever found a thought in anyone’s head. The belief that thoughts are in your head is similar to believing that the voices that come out of a radio come from people in the radio. Emanuel Swedenborg, the Christian Mystic who lived some 300 years ago said that none of your thoughts are your own. They either come in from heaven or from negative entities in hell. You are the one who choses which thoughts you intend and act upon.

The belief that every thought that enters your mind belongs to you is very dangerous. The negative entities take full advantage of this false belief by telling people to do and say things that get them in trouble in order to generate the negative emotional energy upon which they feed. They are parasites and they are feeding on us. If any of you work with or have access to an individual diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic ask them how much energy they have before the voices attack them. Then ask how much energy they have left after the voices stop their attack. An overwhelming majority of them will report that their energy disappears and they do not know where it goes. There is a one to one correspondence between the appearance of the voices and the energy of schizophrenic’s being drained or vanishing.

If the schizophrenic believes the voices he or she hears belong to them and begins acting on what they say, they will come more and more under control of those voices until they end up in prison or in a mental institution. People need to closely monitor their thoughts for those that do not conform to their character or intent and reject those thoughts.

4. Can you describe the relationship between these entities and the voices that schizophrenic patients hear?

There is no difference between the voices and what would be considered demons or evil spirits. They hate the human race and are doing everything possible to destroy us. If you look closely to the patterns these psychotic voices run up above you will see that there is a one to one correspondence between the crap that the mainstream media is bombarding us with and the patterns the psychotic voices run. At this point in time, our western governments are eaten up with these negative entities and are bringing us to the very brink of a nuclear war with their insanity and control of our armed forces.

Impact on Individuals

5. What are some of the most common ways these negative entities disrupt people's lives?

One of the most common ways these negative entities disrupt our lives is with a constant stream of negative lies designed to upset you and generate the negative emotional energy upon which they feed. They will tell you any lie that will upset you. They will take a negative event and magnify it and cause it to echo in your mind for hours. The retinue of what they hit us with is virtually every negative thought or idea known to man. They often tell their victims that they are ugly, stupid, unlovable, that they will never succeed, that nobody likes the, that people are after them etc. etc. They will insert into the mind of the victim virtually anything that will upset them that will generate negative emotional energy. They are psychic parasites.

6. How do these entities feed off negative emotions, and what are the consequences for the affected individual?

To tell you the truth, I have no idea how these entities extract energy from their victims. I do know that they can only feed off of negative energy and they can’t stand positive energy or prayer. I’ve had patients tell me that the voices react to the repetition of the 23rd like worms thrown onto a hot frying pan. They can’t stand it. They cannot stand their victim going to church or reading the Bible. What kind of hallucination would hate the Bible? The consequences of listening and believing these negative thoughts/voices is that your energy will significantly diminish. If you believe what they are telling you, you will sabotage yourself and if you act on what they are telling you to do you will find yourself in endless trouble. These entities hate the human race and are bent on causing misery and destruction.

7. In your observation, are there certain types of people or life circumstances that make someone more vulnerable to these entity attachments?

Yes. There appears to be a significant correlation between severe physical, mental and sexual abuse and the appearance of these entities or evil spirits. They go after those most damaged as they are easier targets. I’ve rarely seen a schizophrenic who has not suffered some sort of extreme abuse. These negative entities are akin to sharks that smell blood coming off of a wounded creature.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

8. Your research contradicts the mainstream psychiatric view that the voices schizophrenics hear are mere hallucinations. What has convinced you that these voices have an external, independent existence?

Over four decades of research and interviews with hundreds of paranoid schizophrenics about what the voices were telling them. In addition, I’ve been threatened and attacked by interfering with what they were doing to my clients. I’ve held coherent conversations with them as has clinical psychologist Wilson Van Dusen has done. They speak in coherent sentences, far different from the nonsense word salad that the psychology text books would lead one to believe. They are very nasty and destructive. At one point I had a schizophrenic prisoner I was working with come to my office in the psychology department reporting that the voices told him to come and that they wanted to speak to me personally. I escorted him in then closed the door and asked what his voices had to say. These words came out of his mouth from the voices: “You have no right to interfere with OUR way of life.” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was at that point that my denial system completely collapsed. In addition with discovering a number of patterns these “voices” ran and along with a number of other incidents it became exceedingly clear to me that I was not dealing with hallucinations but with conscious, nasty, destructive entities which had invaded my patients. Again I will repeat that if these voices run clear, consistent, repeatable patterns they cannot be hallucinations. Real Hallucinations don’t run patterns. They are unpredictable and random.

9. Based on your clinical experience, how prevalent do you believe these entity attachments are in the general population? Do you think genuine cases of external negative influences are rare anomalies or more widespread than conventionally acknowledged?

I believe these negative entities hit us all to varying degrees but nowhere is their presence as with paranoid schizophrenics if you can get them to trust and talk to you. The voices often tell these patients not to tell anyone about their presence. If you look at this, from one point of view there really isn’t any positive incentive for the schizophrenic to tell anyone about the malicious voices that are plaguing them. If they tell their friends, their friends start backing away. If they tell anyone else they are thought to be crazy or possessed. If they tell their parents, they end up being dragged into a psychiatrist’s office and drugged senseless or locked up on a mental ward. The voices often warn them ahead of time that this is what will happen to them if they reveal their presence.

The voices hit everyone, but not near the degree they torment schizophrenics. Who hasn’t had a terrible, unacceptable thought barge into their mind that shocks them, a thought so horrendous that its very presence upsets them, a thought they would never consider acting upon. This is the result of a negative entity inserting a negative thought into to the mind of the experiencer. Most people immediately reject such a thought as unacceptable. But if you believe such a thought came from you and you accept it as your own and believe it you are headed for trouble and that is exactly what these parasitic entities want. They want to instill turmoil and paranoia. The negative emotional energy such thoughts generate or the “lush” these negative thoughts generate is what they feed off of. After over 40 years of dealing with these things tormenting my patients I have absolutely no doubt that they are evil spirits or destructive demonic entities and energetic parasites.

Demon Possession in Spiritual Traditions

10. You mention that the concept of demon possession is referenced in the Bible and other spiritual traditions. Do you see the entity attachments you've studied as being the same phenomenon?

Yes, they are exactly the same phenomenon. Unfortunately our modern society has severely discounted the 23 times that Jesus has cast these demons out of people. It is almost like people today are looking at this event in the Bible as some 2000 year old ancient fairy tale and believe that maybe demons existed back then but not now in our scientific society. How much time have you heard “Trust the Science” as 20 million world-wide were murdered with the covid shots. These negative entities are still here. If you look closely you will see almost a 1:1 correspondence between the patterns presented above and what is pouring out of the mainstream media every day at this time. It’s the same entity on a macroscopic scale and it has possessed most of the leaders of the western world and is driving us uncomfortably close to a nuclear holocaust.

11. What parallels do you see between your clinical observations and the accounts of demonic influence described in these spiritual sources?

They are the same. Some are much stronger than the voices schizophrenics hear but they are relatively rare compared to the influence of the voices. I’ve only seen a few incidents in my career where I felt the individual was completely possessed and totally controlled by these or other entities. Usually there is some kind of battle that goes on between the person and these entities. Many people tormented by the voices intuitively sense that they are coming from somewhere other than themselves. However, when they ask the voices, “Who are you” or what you are,” the voices answer, “We are you.” If they believe that and listen to what the voices tell them they are on the way to a hellish existence. People need to realize that most thoughts come from elsewhere. There are good and bad influences acting constantly on all of us. The thoughts you pay attention to are the ones that you give your energy and power to.

Empowering Solutions

12. Once a person becomes aware they are being negatively impacted by these entities, what are some of the first steps they can take to free themselves?

The very first step is to understand that the voices or constant negative thoughts that one experiences do not belong to the perceiver. They are coming in from a negative source. If you dwell on them you are giving them energy. The Christian Mystic Emanuel Swedenborg stated that none of your thoughts are your own. He maintains that each of us has two angels and two demons assigned to us who battle for our attention. The evil spirits inject negative destructive thoughts into our thought stream in the language we speak. The positive spirits are not allowed to interfere with our free will. They speak more in feelings, intuition and serendipity. The second schizophrenics need to understand is that the voices are consummate liars. You can’t believe or trust in anything they say. They have no moral fabric and are bent on the destruction of the individual they are tormenting. They react to the 23rd Psalm like worms thrown onto a hot frying pan. Advise that you repeat it often if you feel you are being tormented by these entities.

13. In your work with patients, what methods have you found to be effective for weakening or removing these entity attachments?

Two of the most effective methods I’ve found to fight back against the “voices” are the “That’s a Lie Program” which can be found under articles on my website at When used consistently this program will weaken the voices and sometimes get rid of them. The second most effective method I’ve found is to contact a Mace Energy Therapist. This is an energetic therapy that is one of the most effective I’ve ever seen and can discharge serious trauma in a short time with permanent results. You can find a certified Mace therapist at This therapeutic method cures most psychological problems permanently without drugs.

14. Are there any preventative measures people can take to protect themselves from these negative influences in the first place?

Yes, they need to get on a positive spiritual path and stay there. People need to realize that we are spiritual beings driving around in a physical body. We are not that body. Pleasing the body does little to enhance the spirit. There is a good reason the entities that schizophrenics hear do not like the patient reading the Bible, going to church or praying. Negative and positive are mortal enemies and cannot be combined. There will be constant conflict until one overcomes the other. You will be rewarded by spirit for the good that you do on this planet and misfortune will follow you for the bad you do. Follow the Ten Commandments.


15. What are you currently focusing your research and writing on, and what do you hope to explore or achieve in the future? For those interested in your perspective, what is the best way for them to keep up with your work?

At present I’ve dedicated most of my time to getting what I’ve learned out to the public. This information flies in the face of the powerful pharmaceutical industry and the psychiatric mafia neither of which want a cure for psychological problems. Instead they want you to run to you to go to a psychiatrist who will give you a psychiatric label and prescribe toxic drugs that cure nothing and dump you down. They are making billions of dollars every year prescribing these toxic drugs which cure nothing but merely dumb down symptoms.

For more information on the voices that plague schizophrenics or intrusive thoughts that plague the rest of us you can go to my website at

Jerry Marzinsky, B.A. M.Ed. Certified Mace Therapist

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