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By Jerry Marzinsky
March 11, 2016









Three decades ago, had I seen a page labeled “Demons Are For Real”, I would have scoffed, “Oh Really!”  After working seven years in one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the world, eighteen years in the psych department of a large state prison, two years in the largest mental health center in the city and over eleven years working in hospital ER’s dealing with psych crisis, I’ve seen things that fly in the face of both reason and my academic training.  After what I’ve experienced on the front lines, I have no doubt that demons exist.  I’ve both seen and spoken to them and they are very nasty.

The voices schizophrenics hear are not hallucinations as psychiatry maintains. Psychiatry insists that if you give these so called hallucinations any attention, such as questioning patients about their nature, you are making these patients worse.  Ignoring their demands to not query these patients, I found that the “voices” schizophrenics hear run well defined, predictable and destructive patterns very different from common hallucinations.  Once these “hallucinations” became aware that I was providing information to these patients that would weaken these voices, I became both a threat and a target.  It became clear that what psychiatry insisted were hallucinations were not only conscious but aware of what was going on around them.  In one case a patient I’d never seen before reported his voices warned him to stay away from me the minute I walked into the emergency room. 

Providing people with knowledge of the existence of this menace and how they manifest in our lives is last thing these demonic entities desire.  They want you to go on believing that in this age of science, demons are fictional, a maniacal throwback to medieval and prehistoric days; tales of the uneducated.  They are thrilled that you ignore the twenty-three or more times Jesus mentioned casting out demons and even more pleased when you view the Bible as irrelevant to this issue.  They prefer you to believe that science is God and demons don’t exist.  It’s so much easier for these evil entities to go about their destructive work in stealth when their existence is denied by the millions upon whom they prey.  Like a tapeworm whose victim is ignorant of its presence, they don’t want you to know they exist.  This isn’t about religion.  This is about understanding that spirits exist and that evil spirits fear love and certain phrases from biblical text.

The information that upsets them most and to which they react the strongest is your becoming aware that they feed off of YOU.  They drain and steal your life energy.  In order to do this they must first turn your emotional state negative.  It is only negative emotional energy that sustains them.  Look at the state of the world today and their negative influence in the production of negative emotional energy becomes very clear.  

They want no interference with their food source.  They don’t want you to have a family or friends or for you to be educated about how to interfere with their attacks.  They want you isolated and alone.  They hate when you go to Church or read the Bible and will attempt to convince you that these activities are boring and fruitless.  They do this in a manner least suspected, by inserting ideas in your head and then attempting to convince you to believe and act on them, often to your own detriment.  This is their way. 

Being aware that demons really do exist is the first step toward countering and eliminating their negative influence on your life. 

If you look back upon your life, you will see that when you get into a negative funk your energy disappears.  You can’t get anything done.  No one ever questions where their energy reserve has gone.  Many Schizophrenic patients reported they can actually feel their energy leave when they are attacked by their demonic voices.  Despite the one-to-one correlation between the appearance of the voices and their energy disappearing, they are not permitted awareness of this connection.   



It is odd that psychiatry and psychology ignore one of the most important and critical questions needing to be answered to cure schizophrenia: “Where do thoughts come from?”  Although they label schizophrenia a “thought disorder” they show no interest in studying the disordered thoughts or the “voices” that schizophrenics hear and strongly discourage others from doing so also.  Working under the radar and defying these orders for decades, you are about to receive information about a world that psychiatry forbids you from visiting which directly impacts upon your life.

While enrolled in one of the most prestigious Ph.D. Psychology programs in the nation, I raised my hand in a large lecture hall and asked the head of the psychology department “Where do thoughts come from.”  An answer to this question was one of the main reasons I’d applied to such a program.  He looked at me with an expression like I’d just fallen out of a space ship.  He responded, “I’ll speak with you after the lecture.”  Who asks these kinds of questions?  He left the lecture hall quickly afterward and never answered.  He had no clue.  The answer to this question is critical to healing schizophrenia not just suppressing it’s symptoms as psychiatry is currently doing with their toxic drugs. 


We welcome your input and sharing of the experiences you’ve had that will help others who feel along and unable to tell anyone of being plagued by these entities.  Indeed, these entities do not want you to speak of them.  They tell you that if you tell anyone of their presence, people will think you crazy and you’ll be locked up.  Unfortunately, this frequently happens.

If you are troubled by persistent negative thoughts, you are not alone.  We hope to clarify the reality behind what many people are experiencing, how these entities operate, how to recognize them, and ways you can fight back and drive them from your life and the lives of your loved ones.  You won’t find the information contained on this page in psychology or psychiatry texts.  It comes from decades of hard core, front line mental health experience in some of the toughest psychiatric institutions on the planet, experience academics don’t have studying contradictions the priests of mental health continue to ignore.  This information is being provided to help the thousands of families and patients out there who are tired of psychiatry’s band aide therapy coupled with a mindset that refuses to believe it is possible to permanently heal schizophrenia and other psychic disturbances.  They will tell you that you must stay on their toxic, expensive drugs for the rest of your life and that you are doomed to this false fate. 

With a sincere motivation on the part of the patient, the voices schizophrenic patients experience can and have been gotten rid of permanently in many cases without medications.  The process isn’t as simple as taking a pill. It takes hard work, faith and trust.  The first step is teaching people that these entities do exist and are affecting them, what these demonic entities are, how to recognize them and how they operate.  Over time we will make much more such information available to you – clinical information gathered from the front lines that is far removed from anything taught by the Ivory Tower and outside the belief system of psychiatry and psychology, yet it exists and if you know what to look for, you can clearly see it for yourself.  Although the great majority of us are not plagued with these things to the extreme as are paranoid schizophrenics, these entities still take their toll upon us.  The bottom line is, there is a way to weaken and get rid of them and it works.  While in clinical practice I would utilize anything that worked, several times being blocked by mental health authorities from utilizing unorthodox, non-standard approaches which proved to be much more effective that doping patients into semi-consciousness.  We hope you will stay tuned for more detailed and useful information we plan to provide in the future.  

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