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Hello Jerry

My name is Marie and I would like to say your study on schizophrenic sufferers has clarified my personal experience with someone close to me who was suspected to have schizophrenia.

I met him in 2012 and I was only 17 and he, let's call him "Paul" was 24. Paul lured me in with his talk about mysticism and his experience with psychedelics and In my impressionable age I thought he was really cool. We began dating and I moved in with him. Foreshadowing months of speaking prior he told me He was a musician and told me that he spoke to an "alien" that gave him all his ideas for music. Very odd but super cool I thought to myself. We moved in together and I noticed mentally he started to unravel he was listening to recordings of Manly P.Hall a luciferian and 33rd degree freemason. He was heavily inspired by the likes of Alistair crowley and paganistic religions he entertained them all. We lived together for 3 months without any problems until suddenly one day I woke up in the house and he wasn't there and the house had been completely torn apart he smashed everything in the house including my laptop. I was extremely scared by this and didn't know that this anger he would then turn inward on me. As the months progressed he became angrier and angrier and more psychotic claiming that people where casting spells on him including his friends and family and that everyone around him where In a satanic cult trying to sacrifice him. He claimed that he felt like his skin was on fire and that there was a sharp pain in his side that he said the demons where sucking the soul out of. Paul would punch walls all day and I would wake up to broken class and blood all over the floor. He would abuse me and then say that he was possessed and things are taken over him.. at the time I thought he was just schizophrenic and abusive but as I grew up I am now 26 years old and have found God and I can confirm what happened was demonic. A lot of the things I mentioned can be easily fobbed off as mental illness but not this. I am a neurotypical.. meaning I have no mental illnesses however I do suffer from anxiety and trauma from this experience. If it was schizophrenia why was I hearing voices ? When Paul was out of the house one day without telling me I heard someone wailing on the staircase I was so sick of the negative energy I shouted "WHATS WRONG NOW?" it stopped.. 15 minutes later he came in the door.. Paul had been gone for hours. Paul struggled with weed addiction the only thing that would stop the abuse and his episodes was weed but as it got worse and worse the weed stopped working and he was just crazy 24/7. If it was schizophrenia my friends wouldn’t have said that they felt a demonic presence in the house. I had a dream about a bald man in that house who invited me to play chess and he check mated me and said "I want your friend jack" I also saw this bald man standing over me when I woke up from sleeping 2 times one in that house and one in my mother’s house when I returned Jack was a kid experimenting with a lot of lsd and drugs from the dark web I didn’t know until later he was ordering them to my house. Almost a year after I left Paul for good a package of drugs arrived for Jack but Paul stole them and took them all for himself ,lsd and uppers and some others I didn’t know. 2 weeks after doing that Paul dies in a fire. This devastated me I loved this person so much but they caused me so much pain with their destructive ways I had to leave. I had to do everything for this man I cooked and cleaned for him and many times I had to bathe him because he would not take care of himself I even pre rolled him joints every morning before he woke up so he wouldn’t attack me. I was just entering adult hood and my whole life revolved around trying to raise this persons spirits but the demons saw that no matter how hard they tried to destroy me they couldn't drain me or feed off my energy so I had to go despite all the demonic activity I was always and still am a happy go lucky type of person and now even more so with my first child on the way Christ the center of my life and my amazing fiancee. Thanks Jerry for your research in this I believe you are absolutely correct.

From Shannon:

He was begging me to kill myself many times and said if I ever left him i would burn in hell. There where times where i caught him talking to no one. But he ended up alienated every single person in the end what ever it was was criticizing every single person around him just like you described. He spoke of Baphomet and mentioned that he had activated his kundalini. The more he involved himself in hinduism the worse he got. He was obsessed with these pagan dieties like the snake god that was crushed by the Virgin Mary in Guadalupe that converted millions of Mexicans.One time I gave him a rosary and he threw it out the window. He described a smell of burning sulphur around him and said his skin felt like it was on fire. He projected his demonic influence on others, he accused everyone around him of being demons too even myself he accused me of witch craft. Funny I have always been described by Psychologists as sane but I have felt demonic presences my entire life as a kid. It has been said that the women in our family are "psychic" according to my aunts. Sometimes I can feel the presence of evil around me .. kinda watching me but I got them under control I simply say "demon of ______ (name the vice or feeling) i cast you beneath the cross to be judged by Jesus Christ" and they leave me alone lol l. I believe I was demonically oppressed for years where terrible things would happen to me wherever I go but when I found Christ that delivered me in order to rid yourself of demons you must strive for holiness so that these demons do not return, in our faith being in a state of mortal sin makes you susceptible to demonic possession and going to confession is like a mini exorcism. See videos by fr Chad ripperger on spiritual warfare. We need to learn not to fear these entities but command them but we can only do so with gods will, we must become warriors on the spiritual battlefield and know that Christ commands these demons.

Thanks for hearing my story

God bless

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